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Extra Easy best tips for holidays to spain

S: 13st12lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.55%)
hi everyone. onto my 4th week now an have to say enjoying sw plan. Have to be very organised and thats fine at home but going to spain for 10 days next thursday. i have to accept that i will prob have gain when i get home but hopefully not a massive gain.

any tips of what anyone else did on holidays t avoid big gain.

ps have 2 boys - one 3.5 other 9 months so dont have loads of time to myself.

was gonna bring running trainner and try going for short 20minute run every morning n eating lots of omlettes

any advise more than welcome.

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my consultant always asks us what we are prepared to accept on our return from a holiday. By setting a target (even if it is a gain of say 3 lbs) it helps you to focus whilst on holiday and minimise any damage.

I can only suggest making the best food choices you can whilst still allowing yourself to feel like you are on holiday. long spritzers or spirits with diet mixers stop the alcohol spoling your weightloss.

Have a lovely time.
S: 13st12lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.55%)
we going self catering so will prob make breakfast n lunch at appartment most days and eat out for dinner. my drink of choice is vodka n diet coke so just have to try and limit these somedays.

accepting a gain of about 4 pounds but know if i'm not careful i'll put on about 10 pounds. all that beer chips n waffles at the beach are crying my name even from here.

there is a little bakery besdie our house that makes fresh bread everyday and avoiding that will be a killer too.

don't mind gain casue its my holidays but dont want to put on everything i have lost so far and then not be able to motivate myself on my return.

S: 13st12lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.55%)
just bumping up - anyone else !!
S: 13st12lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.55%)
anyone ??


Just keep slimming....
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We are going to spain next week too - must admit bread is one of the things I will miss when we are away, but I guess its just being sensible with it
We are taking some recipes with us - like for bbq sauce and some other stuff and intend on having quite a few BBQ's - we are renting a villa. Other than that its about being sensible without ruining the holiday!! I hope that I minimise damage - if I STS for next weigh in I will be happy!!

I have weighed myself on wii tonight so can assess the damage when I get back so I know what I have to do for the rest of the week til WI

Hope you have a good holiday :)


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I'm going to Spain next week too, but half board for 2 weeks. When I went last year I decided to be careful with what I ate during the day but to have whatever I wanted in the evening. I don't drink much alcohol but I did have a glass of wine with dinner in the evening.
I put on 3lb last year which I was happy with because the year before I went for just one week and put on 7lb.

I'm going to try to do the same this year - have on plan breakfast and lunches and whatever I want for evening. I expect to put on some weight but it's not what we do on holiday that makes the difference, it's how we deal with it afterwards that counts.

Enjoy your holiday, we work hard for ours and I don't want to stress about everything I eat when I'm away.


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You can eat just as healthily on holiday as you can at home if you are careful.

Make your evening meals fish and meat based and avoid sauces and chips.
Paella is a great meal, okay they'll use a bit of oil but it's mainly meat/fish and rice based after all!
Have cereal or eggs for breakfast and a big salad and fruit for lunch.
Steer clear of bread, cakes and chips and you'll be just fine.

Have a great time!


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If you are a SW member there is a really good article on the website about eating out in Spain and ideas for good choices you can make whilst there



is taking a scenic route
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I am off to Menorca in a couple of weeks, these have been great repleys- very helpful thankyou. We have a fridge in our room and will be stocking up on some yoghurts as some free food- I have googled fat free in spanish it is 'sin grasa' so will look out for these in yoghurt sections.

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