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Best way to kick start a loss??


Nearly there...
Hi all.

Beginning to feel a bit demotivated, the scales aren't moving at all and my oomph seems to have gone...

Haven't been on here to post in ages and can't seem to get my head into it all again...

Does anyone have experience of good losses after breaks? Or good losses after a bit of carb action??

Just looking for some advice, please. Need to shift the last stone... I want to do this!!!!!!

Sauce xx
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I had a bit of a meltdown in the week. One hour off the diet and I have been repairing the damage all week.(I was like a mad thing) Needless to say, I've been SS all the rest of the week and think I've still lost. It is hard to stay on the wagon but remember you're doing this for yourself and the best way to lose fast on CD is to stick to the plan.

Chin up honey and good luck


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Hey, are you ss? If not are you watching everything you eat and drink? Would it be worth upping your exercise a little? If you have already done that maybe you need a short break to kickstart your metabolism, or it mat just be a mini plateau and you will lose again soon. Keep on going - you will do it!
Illa said:
try probiotics in your diet it makes wonder on my WL.


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Probiotic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

you generally buy them at a pharmacy or at organic store (they have to be kept in the fridge).

I found the effect by myself but then I searched the internet and saw that it was correlated to some weight loss...I think no matter what studies say, It keeps you stomach healthy and functionning properly (I can for instance NEVER lose weight while on anabiotics because my flora was killed and my stomach could not do its job)

Probiotics are also a good way to help fight constipation while on CD diet.


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My CDC told me not to take any supplements while on ss as all your daily requirements are met by the packs and by adding extra vits you could actually 'overdose' on some vitamins, which sounds like a good thing but can actually be quite harmful. So I've stopped all mine, can't say I've noticed a difference. Not sure about the probiotics though, sounds interesting! x


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yes I've heard this too, but I'm taking some very special supplements such as silicea, acerola, probiotics, high doses of calcium and magnesium, and omega 3, and some specific vitamins against hair loss which I've already taken before the diet and which I don't find in the shakes. I find them very effective on my overall well being.


Nearly there...
Thank you all for your replies, I am going to see if the next few days makes any difference, its just so bloomin hard!! I'm pretty much ss/ss+ on other days. Am watching what I'm having but if I'm honest have never been religious bout weighing food etc - maybe an idea to start doing so....

Feeling a little better this morning but really bad tum :(

Thank you all again, have managed 100% since Sunday so hopefully it will pay off. No CDC this week so I will update my stats on Weds as normal based on my scales.... Looking forward to seeing if my stubbornness has paid off :confused:

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