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Beths "5 stone to lose" atkins diary.

Today is day 5 of my Atkins challenge!

When I started I weighed about 15st10lbs.
And at 5'5 I'm rather wobbly!

Bit of basic info about me:
I live in south Devon with my partner and our gorgeous baby girl Isobelle.
OH is a fisherman so is away at sea sometimes as long as 9 days :(
I would like to have lost the weight by this time next year. I'm not even sure if that's realistic, just a rough time frame for myself.

I think the "Atkins flu"' has started to pass, feel a bit chirpier today. And I'm well into ketosis, I have some ketostix from work and it's showing very dark.

Sunday is going to be my weekly WI day I think.

Busy day today, got to take issy to nursery shortly, then banking, food shopping, walk dog, put new cross trainer together, housework and back to nursery .

Have started to panic about our America trip today. We aren't doing until sept , 1 week in Miami and 2 weeks in Orlando, but how the hell am I gonna stay on the wagon in the land of tempting food!!!! Anyways that's far to far away to be fretting about yet I suppose!

Right where's my water ..........
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Hi Beth, that's so far away I wouldn't even be thinking about it love. I'm pleased you are coming out of the Atkins flu as well. :)


This is for life
Hi Beth, glad you are feeling chirpier. Have a great day :D
I have some ketostix from work and it's showing very dark.
you arent drinking enough water ;)

there thats my ticking off for the day.
welcome to atkins and best of luck :D


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome Beth - don't put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight in a hurry. Just enjoy the food and watch pounds drop off :)
Morning everyone,
Wow I feel great today!! I didnt get much sleep as OH is in from sea due to weather and when daddys home Isobelle wants to spend every second with him, making bedtime a pain in the bum!!! Even so I woke up feeling fantastic!!! Not even hungry although I will have my brekkie as soon as I've finished feedin everyone else!

Today's plan (which may alter depending on what Tom wants but I will still stay induction friendly)

B- 1 scrambled egg and 2 bacon
L - Atkins shake probably as I was amazed how much it filled me up yesterday.
D- Turbot in a cream and bacon sauce with mushrooms, I will have mine with broccoli and kale. (and not much sauce for me) .
S- prob a babybel or some ham and cucumber.

W- 3 litres
E- 1 hour on cross trainer
A- none

Can anybody tell me if I'm allowed aubergine on induction?

I did a shop a the low carb megastore last night. Got some zero carb ketchup and zero carb honey BBQ sauce . As well as some zero carb marshmallows . Can't wait for the ketchup to come!!

Hope your all well this morning and are having better weather than Devon! It's so miserable outside today :( xxx
Can anybody tell me if I'm allowed aubergine on induction?
Go and read my stickie ;) I'm jealous of all the fresh fish you are getting Beth, and I'm well impressed with your Hubby, that's tough, tough job he has there love.
Aubergine and eggplant are the same thing arent they?

Yeah it is a very tough job but it's a family business so its all he has ever known. Mind you I don't think he would cope if he had to put a suit on everyday and shave! Lol!

The fresh fish is definatley a bonus! Especially when you think how much a nice piece of turbot or monkfish would cost in the shops! Only problem is I'm allergic to shellfish so can't take advantage of all the scallops, crab and lobster! Even though I love em!
Hi beth,

I would have thought your america trip would be ok, i'm sure its quite low carb friendly there, I'm also jealous of all that fresh fish went to a fish BBQ in cornwall last year and had shark....it was really lush. I can't find it up north :(
Bit annoyed this evening, did a little tinkle on a ketostix (out of boredom more than anything else) and it didn't change Colour.
I havnt eaten a single thing that isn't on the allowed list and am very good with portion sizes. Even stopped drinking coke zero and orange squash last couple of days and have just been drinking lots of water.

I'm wondering if not being in ketosis is why I have felt so chirpy today.

Am really pee'd off tbh.

Cant think what I have eaten wrong. :(
The ketostix are not meant to check for ketosis, they are unreliable in testing for this. They are meant for checking for ketoacidosis which is for diabetics. Please please PLEASE do not get hung up on these sticks... if I had a £ for everytime I've said this to people I'd be a rich gal!

If yr eating the right things, not going over yr 20g carbs a day, you get a metallic taste in yr mouth, glow in the dark wee, peeing loads.

You can be in ketosis & yr stick will always show beige, the more hydrated you are the paler the colour will be... if you have a dark colour (eg first thing in the morning) yr just showing that yr dehydrated.

Please don't hung up on them... if yr following the rules you'll be in ketosis. xx
Hi Beth! I second what Linzi says about the stix - I view them as entertainment only - weighing weekly will tell you all you need to know! :)

Good luck with Atkins. Also totally jealous of your fish allowance - I love it and have to rely on fishmonger for mine!
Hi, yes I'm sure your right . I tend to obsess about the little details. But I still have the yucky breath, yellow wee and metal taste .

Managed to eat in a restaurant today and avoid carbs so am very pleased with myself.

It's my first official weigh in tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous.... Have moved the scales to my mums to stop me scale hopping so am looking forward to that.

Started at 15st 10lb so fingers crossed.

Hope you have all had a lovely Saturday. X
Yay! Today's weigh in - 15st 3lb . 7lb in a week! :)

I have no idea what I'm eating today..... Will fill that in in a bit x
I really am over the moon. Yesterday was a bit difficult as the family wanted to go pizza hut for lunch and I really had to put my foot down an insist we go somewhere else as i wouldn't of coped in there. Not yet anyway.
I just hope I can keep it up. Ive always been a bit of a yo-yo dieter. But I'm so serious this time.

Hope u have a lovely Sunday x x
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