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Beth's food diary aka mission 'get gorgeous' ;)

It's my fourth day on plan and decided to post my food on here as well as on paper so I can get some advice and things :) so, any help would be appreciated!

Breakfast: 3 rashers of bacon (fat removed) two grilled tomatoes and 2 scrambled eggs (splash of milk as part of hexa (rest in tea and coffee)

Lunch: leftover chilli (extralean beef mince, mixed beans, peppers, onions, tinned toms) with rice and salad.

Dinner: baked chicken breast, broccoli, spinach, new potatoes, bisto gravy (I was generous so 2 syns to be safe)

Snacks: 2x alpen light bars (hexb)
2 x clementines
2 x cold new potatoes

Lots of early gray and sugarfree vimto..
Large glass of red 8.5 syns.

Total: 10.5 syns.

This is definitely the most I've eaten in the past 4 days and the only time I've come close to syns (I had three gin and slimline tonics last night, but aside from that the only suns I've used so far were some for splashes of milk when I used cheese as hexa and for mild cheese and broccoli pasta sauce.. Is this really jar one syn on extra easy for the whooooole packet?!)
This has to be too much?!
Any pointers would be appreciated?
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Day 5. Sunday 9th Jan, 2011. Extra easy

Breakfast: 2 x scrambled eggs (splash of milk from hexa - rest in tea and coffee)

Lunch: superfree veg soup

Dinner: new potato, spinach and chickpea curry (curry powder, spices and tinned toms - free dish) with brown rice and sugarsnap peas.

Snacks: 2 x alpen light bars.

Syns: options hot chocolate - 2 syns

Felt really satisfied all day :) so much so I resisted fish and chips this evening at the boyfriend's house :)
Day 6. Monday, 10th January, 2011.

Breakfast: nil

Lunch: chicken savoury rice w/ salad

Snack: alpen light bar 1/2 hex b

Dinner: leftover potato, spinach and chickpea curry with rice, a chicken breast w/ sugarsnap peas and broccoli.

Supper: superfree veg soup w/ 1x slice of wholemeal bread (400g loaf) other half hexb

Hexa milk in tea.

Feel stuffed :/ but still no syns!!
Day 6 - Tuesday 11th Jan, 2011.

Breakfast: :/ whoops.. Was in such a rush out of the door didn't eat till my alpen light at 11 o clock..

Lunch: HUGE salad with pasta and tuna, no dressing.. All free (in retrospect could have had some hidden syns in here - lf dressing/ extralight Mayo.)

Dinner: 2 x quorn sausages, broccoli, mange tout and a whoooole packet of pasta n sauce (mild cheese and broccoli - made with hexa milk - rest in tea and coffee)

Snacks: second alpen light (hexb)
Kiwi fruit

Syns: options hot chocolate, 2 syns.
Pasta n sauce :/ I've heard 1, but hard to believe that this is for the whoooole packet.. So I'll call it 2 :/ any help would be appreciated..
Total: 4
Day 7 - wednesday, 12th Jan, 2011.
Weigh in. 11stone7 loss = 3 pounds :)

Breakfast: grilled tomatoes, 2 x quorn sausages, 'fried' egg.

Lunch: baked potato, ff cottage cheese, tomato, spring onion, cucumber.

Dinner: potato, spinch and chickpea curry, brown rice, chicken breast, mangetout and broccoli.

Snack: 1 x alpen light bar 1/2 hexb

Syns: 2 x large glasses of red wine (250ml) so 8.5 x 2 = 17 but still well within as only ate maybe 30 in the last week :) felt so naughty and lovely - I really savoured them instead of guzzling them back and felt so liberating knowing that even if it felt naughty it really wasn't..

Day 8 - Thursday, 13th January, 2011.


Lunch: jacket potato and beans.
Alpen light bar 1/2 hex b

Dinner: 2 x quorn sausages, sweetcorn, salad, mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce (2 syns) (milk from hex a - rest in tea/coffee)

2 syns total. (think I might treat myself to a couple of glasses of wine tomorrow night!)
Friday 14th Jan, 2011 - day 8.

Lunch: salad with lettuce, peppers, tomato, grate carrot and xlight Mayo (1 syn)

Dinner: chilli with green beans and brown rice.

Snacks: 2 x babybel (hexa)
2 x alpen light bars (hexb)

Syns: 4 x large glasses of wine 34 syns total.

35 syns.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs beans

Lunch: leftover chilli, brown rice, green beans

Dinner: pastansauce (2syns) broccoli

Snacks: 2 x alpen light bars (hexb)

Hexa ss milk
JenXx said:
loving your Diary, even though you have syned, you've lost. and you ahve skipped brekkie too sometimes?
well done x
Yeah, breakfast is just a no go for me some days - I'd rather have those twenty minutes in bed and an early lunch.. Plus, I'm pretty picky with fruit (love all vet though!) so it can be quite difficult to have my 1/3 superfree :/ as for syns I was too scared at first, but I'm a student so wine is a way of life.. I stick to 70 a week though as I only want to lose 2 stone and still scared that 15 syns a day will slow me.. Even though the reverse is probably true :/

I feel heavy this week (* week) so we'll see if I've managed a loss.. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for Reading :) felt a bit like I was talking to myself!!

Day 11.


Lunch: 2 x clementines
Potato, spinach and chickpea curry w/ brown rice

Dinner: leftover chilli with macaroni (don't judge! Pasta with chilli may sound odd, but it's tasty and I was bored of rice!! Lol)

Snacks: 2 x alpen light bars hexb
Slice of cold lean roast beef
Another clementine

Hexa semi skimmed milk in tea/coffee
Day 12.. 17th Jan, 2011..

No breakfast again :/

Lunch: tuna nicoise, no dressing, no olives.
2 small chicken legs, skin removed.

Snacks: melon
2 x alpen light bars (hex b)

Dinner: 2 x quorn sausages, baked pot w/beans and some steamed veg.

Snack: ff natural yoghurt.

Sound okay? Written down it looks loaaaaads!

julesmorris said:
Good luck! Hope you get the loss you want :)
Me too.. Fingers crossed for WI in the morning!! Hope you're having a good week :)


Lunch: salad with lean ham and hexa feta.. Some olive oil in dressing 6 syns..

Dinner: quorn, chickpea and cauliflower curry (tomato based sauce) with basmati rice

Snacks: 2 x alpen light bars hexb
2 x blood oranges
Soup - pepper and sweet potato soup..

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