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Beth's weight loss :)

Well done!!

I've got my first weigh in tonight, fingers crossed!!!
nin said:
Well done. I'll be joining next week and not looking forward to the wi!
I nearly cried when I got on the scales last wednesday after finally being fed-up and worried that if I'd crept from a size 10 to 12 to 14 in two years then a size 20/22/24 wouldn't be too far away and at 5'5" and 20 I wasn't happy with that at all.. I was already overweight according to my bmi.

I decided I had 2 stone 3 pounds to lose.. So with this week's loss I have 28 pounds left, if I can just average 2 a week then 14 weeks and I'll be slim again :) the first weigh in is always hard, but the first loss gives a real sense of control and power :)

Good on you for making a change! Hope it all goes well!!

Weighed myself yesterday but only lost a pound.. Although I was happy I did suspect I'd lost a little more as it was just after *week.. I know I shouldn't but I just weighed myself and the scales say three more pounds, so four last week.. Half a stone altogether :)

Weigh in after a couple of weeks bouncing around a couple of pounds..

The scales say 11st 1lb

:) pretty happy with that.. 9lbs in about 6 weeks with a week off in the middle..

Unfortunately, got a curry possibly planned for tomorrow (a friend's choice not mine!) and while I can stay within my syns for that.. Next week I have another 3 days in London.. In a hotel.. With friends.. No one wants to be the girl on the diet :/ plus we have so much to do I have a feeling it will just be grabbing sandwhiches.. Only positive is that we'll be walking A LOT so can possibly work a few calories off doing that.. Not looking forward to the gain next Thursday when I get back though :/


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