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Attack Betty´s Diary

So I started the attack stage on Tuesday and according to the Dukan website have to do it for 6 days. I was dreading it, but I actually have quite enjoyed it. I´m not a big meat eater normally, I love pasta dishes! But surprisingly I haven´t missed pasta at all this week and have enjoyed lots of chicken, steak and omlettes.

I´ve been taking an omlette to work for my lunch everyday, sometimes with a little bit of cottage cheese on the side, and a zero fat, zero sugar yogurt for afternoon snack. I made up a batch of the cookies earlier in the week and so have been taking those in to have mid morning snack. I haven´t been having breakfast tho, but I´m rubbish at getting up in the morning and so never have time! Been buying a one and half litre bottle of water on the way to my office in the morning so I know i have to drink at least all of that before I leave work.. need to pee about every half hour, which I suppose is adding to the exercise at least! :)

In the evening I cook chicken breasts or some steak and serve my husband the same but with some salad or some potatoes.

I´m not hungry and this is weird, but it feels like my insides are thinner! lol

So far I have lost about 5 and half pounds. Two more days of attack to go!

We´re going out for the day walking today, so I am just preparing a Dukan friendly picnic to take with us :)
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Hi Betty

I started on Wednesday, haven't weighed myself as yet, cos ill be doing 5x a day if I could so I'm resisting the temptation. I know exactly what you mean by your insides feel slimmer lol.

Good Luck and keep up the high spirits
Thanks PaulieP, I can´t resist weighing! I´m addicted to the thrill of seeing the numbers go down lol I know its not a healthy thing to do, but I am sure that in the book Dukan said weigh yourself every couple of hours. or did I dream that? heehee
I saw a recipe yesterday for mince chicken stirfried with pepper, spices and onion and wrapped in a lettuce leaf, like a fajita shape. I am so excited at the thought of eating that lettuce leaf!! My husband thinks I´m crazy!
Good luck with yours too PaulieP x
Yesterday was a lovely day. I didnt take the picnic in the end as we left a little later than planned. So before we left I ate the muffins and some turkey breast and a tin of tuna.
We went to a lovely little village and walked all around the old town, lots of steep steps involved! We ate dinner in a lovely restaurant opposite the sea. I ordered steak and passed the potatoes and veg it came with onto my husbands plate! I was so proud I did that! :)
Today I slept in late, then had a boiled egg for breakfast. I´m cooking some chicken breast for a late lunch and then we are going into the city to watch the palm sunday parade.
Tonight I will probably have a tin of tuna or cockles and the muffins.

Last day of attack today! :) I need to do a shop tomorrow to stock up on lots of lovely veg and salad. Can´t wait!


** Chief WITCH **
Tonight I will probably have a tin of tuna or cockles and the muffins.
I misread that and read "Tonight I will probably have a tin of cookies".

Sounds like you're doing brilliantly! And enjoying it too!
Oh god, imagine how nice a tin of cookies would taste!? Don´t panic, I won´t have one. :)

I started the cruise stage today and I weighed this morning and have lost 7lbs. Really pleased :)

I did a PP day, only because I had no salad or veg in and I am so looking fwd to having some that I wanted to have some all day on my first day. So today just had muffins for breakfast, omlette and a yogurt for lunch and chicken breast for dinner. oh and lots of water as well.

Just prepared a turkey salad to take to work tomorrow and tomorrow night we´re having grilled steak with some steamed veg. I´m also planning a trip to the gym with a friend in the evening.


** Chief WITCH **
I don't have to stretch my imagination too hard... I remember them well!!

Enjoy your salads... remember that it's a protein diet, so keep your protein levels high. At your weight, you could (should?) be eating plenty of protein but don't force it if you're not hungry...

Brilliant re gym - while we mightn't always fancy exercise when overweight, making it a regular thing early on will help later...
First day of pv today. Had turkey salad and a yogurt for lunch and for dinner had steak, mushrooms, onions and asparagas. Feel hungry today for the first time, which is odd because I have eaten more than usual!
Also could kick myself because I discovered I have been using the wrong type of bran! (this is due to my being so rubbish at Spanish).
Decided not to go to the gym as feeling really tired today, early start this morning and late finish. Took the dog for a walk instead.


** Chief WITCH **
Sorry to hear about the bran... be sure to eat plenty of protein on PV days too. If you're hungry, snack on chicken, steak, fish, etc. You mightn't be in ketosis if you've been eating the wrong bran so keep your protein intake high to be sure to get there soonest now you stop the oatmeal.

Are you finding 0% fat yoghurts easily enough in Spain? And other dairy?

Keep glugging that water too... good luck!
Sounds like your doing well, hope you managed to find the right bran, I nearly got the wrong one reading english lol :)

Hope the weather is nice out there for you x


** Chief WITCH **
You know me too well Sarah ;) Actually, I am improving and have actually GIVEN two tins of MY stash to friends recently... not something I'd have dreamt of previously...
yeah i've become a feeder too :) lol

nah seriously giving food away - such a strange concept to me... I've done it a couple of times in the past week....I wonder if we've uncovered some part of our psychology/personality....I know there's a link between control in our lives and the control we exert on food...I've read that sometimes when people feel hopeless and out of control of their lives they fixate on things....food cleaning...whatever OCD....perhaps learning to share and give things away and taking control of the REAL issues (whatever they are) will help....<end of ramblings> xx


Goat herder(ess)
Oh, flaming heck. I am most definitely a feeder, then. A really, really prolific one. I blame my grandma and mum as their rule was/is that no visitor leaves the house unless they're doubled-up in agony, clutching their ready-to-burst stomach.
Today I haven´t felt hungry at all. PP day, I had an omlette and some tuna for lunch followed by a low fat yog. Yes they are easy to find here, Activia brand is everywhere and one of the small supermarkets do some really lovely ones of their own brand. Apparently, Dukan is really popular in Spain now according to the man in the health food shop, I think he´s making a good living from all the Oat bran he is selling!
For dinner I just had 2 thin chicken breasts which I just sprinkled with some herbs and grilled.
I´m going to go and make myself some muffins with my oat bran.
Didn´t drink so much water today. I bought the bottle this morning but was in and out of meetings all day and kept forgetting to take it with me! So I didn´t drink it all. Will drink a couple of glasses throughout this evening.
The weather´s not good at the moment (someone asked), its really windy and forecast heavy rain tomorrow.


** Chief WITCH **
Keep it up Betty... sounds like you're going great guns! I heard he'd brought the diet out in Spain too. Will be interesting to hear how the Spanish deal with "no olive oil", something my tum always has trouble dealing with when on holiday there!

Are you living there permanently?

Good luck!
HI, yes and my stomach has only got used to the olive oil and now I have to give it up!

Yes living here permanently after I got a job transfer. We have been here just over two years now and love it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to lose weight, all that fresh fruit , fresh fish and healthy olive oil, but its had the opposite effect! The Spanish eat soooo much bread!

I work for the EC and the department I am in has a lot of Poles (people), the book has recently come out in Poland as well, so all the Poles are on Dukan too! :)


** Chief WITCH **
aaaah :) I adore paella, and order one as soon as I set foot in Spain, and I see them putting that olive oil all over the top of my paella and cringe!

Intersting re Poles (people ;)). We had one here a couple of weeks ago but she didn't have the book, and a Polish forum was telling her one thing and us another and so...!

Menu today?

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