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betty - day 1 (it's groundhog day)!!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
Cant go to class today as it is like a sheet of ice up here, it is also minus 10 degrees. Can't take the pram out as won't be able to walk down the big hill to get to the train station. It's also too cold for the baby. However after a bad , and i mean bad week maybe its a good thing i don't get to see the gain.

However this is my day 1 of 100% back on track. I'm going to take it day by day and post what i have eaten etc.

How are we all this cold morning?

Breakie: Tea with milk (milk as hexa)
4 slice of toast (400gloaf) Hexb x2
4 laughing cow light Hexa

Lunch: Home made wedges, chinese savoury rice with a drizzle of soy sauce and mullerlight yoghurt.

Mid afternoon: 2 individual twix biscuit fingers at 6 syns each = 12 syns

Dinner: Marshalls cheesy macaroni with sw chips
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soon to be skinny minnie
Thank you treats, i have been saying for ages ok draw a line and get back on track tomorow, then couldn't do it. However today , that is it, back to 100%. Going to try and be strong and do this. I could be 7lbs lighter by xmas if i'm good.


In it to lose it
Hey Betty. I'm in Ayr so not that far really from you. I've just watched the dogs ice skating on the concrete patio so I think I will be staying in as well. Your food looks nice. Whats Marshalls Mac and cheese is it a tin or a packet?
Need to be extra good for the next 2 days after take away yesterday.



soon to be skinny minnie
Hi susiewoosie, marshalls macaroni cheese is in a blue box , it is just macaroni and a sachet of cheese powder. I make it with water and some of my milk allowance. It is lovely and free on green. It is beside cheesy pasta in the supermarket, though my tesco doesn't sell it i have to go to morrisons or asda to get it. The whole packet makes lots, i normally have it with a jacket potato or chips. Sometimes i put some bacon as a hexb through it and cherry tomatoes, it is delish.


soon to be skinny minnie
after all the talking about it, i may have to have that for my lunch and the rice for my dinner lol, i could really go it now


soon to be skinny minnie
wow my lunch was amazing, i made my wedges really thick and crispy, and i'm stuffed now. Going to get all my housework done and my flooring cleaned etc. Keep busy and keep my mind off food.
...and housework is excercise!!!

That Mac and cheese thing sounds lovelly...I wonder if you can get it down here?
We just had ground frost this morning, nothing as drastic as you guys...I really would love it to snow though!



soon to be skinny minnie

This is it here, but i didn't think maybe it is only in scotland as it is a scottish company not sure.


soon to be skinny minnie
Well my day 1 has went great, not even tempted by all the cakes and biscuits everyone has been eating in front of me. Just made sure i had huge meals and drank lots of fluid. Lets see what day 2 brings. I prefer green, but tomorow i will have a red day. I'm going to make the beef goulash recipe for dinner. I went and got all my shopping for the week so there is no reason for me not to stick to plan with all this healthy food in.


soon to be skinny minnie
Well it's day2 now, and still feeling pretty motivated, i 'm still thinking one day at a time. Yesterday was green and today is red.

Breakie: toast (hexb), bacon, eggs
total fat free yoghurt mixed with chopped apple and

Lunch: Mcdonalds hamburger 12.5 syns
Mcdonalds grape and apple snack bag
Sprite zero

Dinner: chicken, veg and jacket potato

2 apples chopped up with total yoghurt and sweetner
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soon to be skinny minnie
I can't believe i haven't tried that total yoghurt 0% fat before, it is so creamy and yummy. I tried it first last week and put a chocolate options in it and tonight had it with apple and sweetner through it. I think i like it better than quark and you can prob do the same things with it.


soon to be skinny minnie
Oh i keep forgetting to get pudding rice, will need to pick some up. That would be lovely mmmmm...........

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