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Bev's Dukan Diary

I foolishly did not get the book and didn't know about the bran until it was too late and got bunged up totally and felt quite ill. I then overgrazed on fruit, plus prunes!

Eventually got botty back to normal but it took quite a while. Good warning for those doing it. You must have your bran!!

It has taken me weeks now to lose 1 lb. Soooo.....:sigh:
Brilliant. We grow our own rhubarb. Cannot say I am a fan but will eat it anyway!!

Can honestly say I never felt hungry and had trouble stuffing enough food down!

So far so good (again!).
Beverley8603 said:
Just had a look on Dukan website and realise I should only do 2 days attack.

Yet another mistake!

Can't say I am upset about it though!!:D
Everytime I read the book again I take in new info, perhaps we can only take in so much info and until that becomes second nature we cant absorb anymore?? Sounds plausible lol x

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1st day of attack over and have lost nothing so far. Messed up the first day! So, now this is second day.

Had trouble yesterday eating enough. By the evening I just could not face the lovely piece of salmon so will have it today. I think it's the greek yog and bran that is so filling. :)
Carry on, it will come off and it's a very healthy diet long term. You can do it!!
Thanks Caledonia, I do have confidence in it. Just got to be patient!

3" less round middle so far. Just measured this a.m. and was astounded.......:D:):D

Perhaps I will have a waist again soon?????????
Am having trouble getting down the bran and enough food!!

I like what I am eating but seem to lose capacity towards the end of the day and dinner becomes a problem.

What to do???? Have been exercising and drinking lots of water (which I have always done anyway).


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Hi Bev,

Ive just been reading through your diary. Thats brilliant on the waist measurments. I kind of wish that i had measured myself first as often that shows a difference more than the scales! How is your second day going? x
I think I'm going to measure myself later as sometimes I don't 'feel' any lighter even though the scales are slowly but surely going down. Wish I'd thought of it at the beginning! Re not feeling hungry in the evenings - maybe you should have your main meal at midday?
Hi all
Am floundering a bit. Think Caledonia is right will try main meal at midday then snavk at night. Actually thought of reversing the yog and bran to evening?
Worth a try.
Had to buy medium size knickers and they are quite roomy!! Exercise is the key for me I think. That 30 day shred is a killer but boy does it work! :)
It's hard getting into a new routine - do you think you are having enough protein? I actually lose more weight on days I've have loads rather than the days I've just been picking (if that makes sense). And don't forget, you are doing well you are already 1/2 stone less than when you started!
Must admit have had trouble getting all the food down. Will have to try harder. Seems crazy that we have to eat so much to lose weight! Not that I'm arguing though. certainly beats being hungry!!

1st day back on attack (again) and have lost 1 lb!!!!! Am going to stick to this like glue now. No more relapses to hold me back. Just thrilled to bits. :):):)
Have just had my first galette and loved it!!

Why did I not try it before? I am now stuffed but already planning lunch.

PV day so mixed salad, followed by chicken and a slice of ham and after an ff yog.

Dinner will be my very own kebabs with green veggies. FF yog to follow. Yum. :)

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