Bewar of senna!


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Also be very careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am feeling a bit bunged up and can't go. Last night I took some senna (read the box and took as guided) but today I felt like I was having palpitations, ket getting hot then cold sweats, kept feeling faint. I called my husband at work and asked him to come home as it was just me and the baby on our own and I though if I faint.....the baby is on his own. Hubby takes about 2 hours to get home, everyone else is working so he called my mum in law to come sit with us keep an eye. I kept drinking water to keep myself but I had to give in and eat some sugar! I felt better after a bit of sugar and a piece of toast.

Just be careful of laxatives....maybe it was just me but I felt really out of control and concerned for my 1 year old son. I'll start back on cd tomorrow but as for today I feel dreadful.

x x x x
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