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Big-boned bodies...

If you go to ediets and do a profile you can find your body frame size by putting in your wrist measurement. They will also give you an estimated ideal weight from these measurements.

Dizzy x
I'm not sure if i believe in that or not... everyone used to tell me that i was big boned and would never be slim, and when i suggested at size 22 that i wanted to be a size 10 at the end of the diet everyone told me i was being ridiculous!

Anyway i got to size 10 and i have quite a small frame, esp shoulders and arms and then everyone started saying OMG look how tiny you are, you need to put some weight on!

Whatever! lol
Yep everyone said I was just big boned / big frame and that I could never be less than 17 stone.

Just isn't true!

The concept of having a large frame is sound - but just because we're overweight doesn't necessarily mean that we have a large frame!! There are plenty of tests to determine what size body frame you have. Having a large frame doesn't mean you can't slim down to the lower reaches of your BMI (or whatever indicator you choose to go by) - but you might look better at a more moderate weight. :)


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I believe in big bones/frame, Even in the long distance of my youth when i was a size 12 for about a month, i was never delicate like my friends, we may have worn the same size clothes but i was definately a different build, big hands and size 10 feet, and ive never ever found an anklet to fit.


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I too thought I had a large frame, and had gauged that by my large wrists, fingers etc.

Now slim, I have tiny wrists and dinky fingers! ho ho!
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I was always told that I was 'big boned like your dad' and believed that I'd have broad shoulders and be built like a wrestler no matter how much weight I lost.

However, looking at my latest pic (taken in Portsmouth at the meet on Jan 27th) I don't think I'm that broad at all - and by the time I get to 10st or so, I think there's a chance I'll be positively dinky!
I too believe in the big boned/frame idea, i have tested out the Tesco e diets wrist measurement. According to them i am a large frame, which i believe. I have always struggled to get bracelets, watches, hats, anklets, shoes, rings, ec to fit me, even in the dim and distant past when i was slim. Even now, i am 5'7'', weigh 13st 10ish, yet wear 14 jeans and trousers. I think this is heavy for a size 14.

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