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  1. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    Hi All,

    Well, i thought i would say hello, My Name is Martyn (as you can tell) And i am currently a 23 year old student, studying at the University of Central Lancashire, i study the ever so joyful degree Deaf Studies, and hate the fact that i am 23 stone.

    I have tried countless times (half heartedly) to lose weight, but i can never do it for some reason, something will happen, and i will go and big out on something and the world will be over again!

    But not this time, i have finally had enough, and things are going to change.

    I have decided that following a diet is not for me, so instead, i have tested myself this last week, on if i can actually just 'eat less and better' and shockingly, i have done fine. 3 meals a day, hardly eating past 8((when possible)) and i have all but cut out coke!

    My biiiig problem is that i hate the gym, i am one of those 'i will go when i lose weight' people, silly i know, but i feel so nervous even getting ready to go, that i usually chicken out, unless my flat mates drag me, kicking and screaming.

    Anyway, thats just me, hope its ok for a lad to join these forums, if its not then just lemme know!

    Looking forward to losing the weight with you all!

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  3. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    of course its absaloutely fine for a guy to join.. theres a few on here.. you just have to look hard to find them.. i can relate to what its like being young and so overweight.. im 20.. and i started at 23st8.. it is hard.. but you can totally do it.. what about local parks? just going for a random mooch around.. Or if you have a yard a skipping rope..
    Have you found how how much weight you have lost by healthy eating?

    Anyways.. Welcome to minimins.. i hope you feel right at home here.. we're all lovely.. i promise.. hehe..

    Cat x x
  4. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    hi there, I just joined here today too :) My starting weight last year was 21st 4lb, but I started Xenical 8 weeks ago and so far so good:D
    As to the gym, you don't have to go to a gym to exercise. Like Kitteh says, how about your local park? Walking is a great form of exercise and totally free :D
    Good luck
    Ali xx
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


    Welcome Martyn,

    We are more than delighted to have another lad with us:grouphugg:

    We do have a number of lads here all losing weight on different diets etc.

    Well done for just 'eat less and better' :clap:

    If you don't like going to the gym just now you can always incorporate walking into your exercise routine, it is very effective in shifting belly fat:)

    Here is a link to help you put up your weight tracker as it will help to keep you motivate.

    Be sure to take some before photos of yourself now and body measurements and write down a list of things you want to achieve and what your goals are.

    It helps to have mini goals and reward yourself for each one ticked off with non food treats:)

    Some find starting a diary is very helpful and if you want people to post on it be sure to let them.

    If you need any help be sure to ask.

    Best of luck on your weight loss journey.

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    I only got my new scales today, haven't stepped on a set in about... 5 years when i was 21stone and got the 'lose weight' lecture from my bored astmah nurse. I feel like i have lost weight, but cant be sure how much.

    I take my mothers mutt out for a walk every night, for about 30-40min walk around the local fields, stops my mum killing him, and helps me destress before bed (usually) Other than that, there isn't much to do around here. When i am back at university (Roll on Sept 1st already!) I have access to my normal gym and classes, so always more to do there between running to classes, walking to the pub (yes i know... shame on me!)

    I am just wanting to avoid the Gym until i lose a bit of weight and can do more stuff without looking like i have just run a marathon, not a warm up.

    Thanks for the welcome by the way, really glad i found this place! I think having the support will make it all the better. Hope there is some tough love aswell hehe

  7. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    we can all provide spanking if needed Martyn !! :p

    p.s. good luck and welcome xx
  8. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Well im sure tough love could be provided.. lol.. what kind of things do you enjoy? i have wii fit and it makes me do like.. 20 mins of steppers at a time.. in my own house.. lol.. so if i look like crap.. at least no one else sees me.. thats what bothers me too.. i go the gym really late too.. when i know there arent gonna be many people.. but i also chose a womans only gym.. with no gym bunnies in it.. so i didnt feel too rubbish compared to those lycra wearing maniacs.. hehe..

    x x
  9. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    My gym is the universities own Gym, so its full of strapping, easy on the eyes young men, all running for an hour without sweating or lifting their own body mass on the weights, or those barbie doll wannabes in lycra they had to be stiched into it's so tight! lol

    What used to be my fav sport when i was just a brat, was swimming, but now i am more concerned they will call Green Peace to air lift me back to the ocean if i go swimming. When i lose the weight, its going to be my poison of choice to keep that way.

    What really kicked me off this time, is my two flat mates want us to go on holiday together before uni starts back, somewhere hot, with sand sea and se.. nm. But the first thing i did, was give them 20 reasons why i couldn't go, when the only one that mattered was 'i am a blimp!' So, i won't be that guy anymore, next year, i will go sun bathing until i shrivvel up and turn into Cliff Richard!

    P.S I am possibly going to be posting alot, not alot to do with my days since i am on holiday! lol
  10. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    woo, join me on the posting marathon, i get so incredibly bored at work i'm on here ALL THE TIME. it's excellente because you're constantly remembering that you're trying to lose weight, so you don't fall off balance too easily. welcome, by the way! :) you sound like you're doing a great job so far.

    i love swimming too but for me it's much easier to go for a walk so being quite lazy, lol, i do that. plus it costs nothing. keep going and you'll see, the weight will fall off you. you'll be on the beach this time next year lookin great! xxx
  11. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    That literally could me me writing about the swimming.. i looooove swimming.. it is absaloutely my choice of exercise.. but i will not be seen in a pool at this weight.. lol.. maybe when i lose another 5ish stone.. i might just dare.. but until then.. NEVAH..!
    I went on holiday with my family last summer.. and i just felt absaloutely huge.. couldnt wear nice things.. covered up most of the time.. nearly sweared to death in the heat.. i looked rank.. lol.. so when i shed this weight.. im totally gonna do it. and feel good..
    Swimming > Gym

    x x
  12. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Howdy Martyn,

    Good luck on your weightloss journey. You've done it for a week and well done. :clap: :D

    As for getting active and hating the gym ..... have you tried your local park or even your back garden? Try going out with yer mates to the park? The walking the dog thing is a fantastic idea. Consider getting up 1 hour earlier each day (which in itself burns more calories) and doing some exercise like yoga or going for a walk to help energise you.

    Anyway some ideas for you. Good luck and keep in touch. OK?! :hug99:
  13. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    ohh i never thought of that! waking up earlier! nice idea :)
  14. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    Well, i am a lazy 4$$ stooodent, who worked as a barman (Now that was an experience...) So my body clock is HORRIBLE. I blame it for alot of my recent weight. I used to be in class most of the day, then START work at 11pm, only to finish around 5am. There used to be a Kabab shop on the way home, so we would all get Burgers and Pizza and other things that would make Gillian Mckeith have a heart attack. Eat them at 6am, then sleep till late afternoon(if no classses) and start it all again, Never fun!

    So waking up earlier is a good idea really, help me get back into a normal pattern aswell hopefully! Eating late is one of my really bad habbits that i am trying really hard to kick (and its the one that is kicking back just as hard)

    Had a slip up today, came back from shopping, and eat a small cake bar, eat it before i even knew what i was doing! shame on me.

    My god, i don't half ramble on..
  15. Skyemagic

    Skyemagic Full Member

    Hi Tyn,
    well, as all the girls have already said everything all I can do is send you some love and good luck..

    You'll be just fine and us girls (and the lads..) will help you..

  16. hoping2shrink

    hoping2shrink Full Member

    hi tyn best of luck on yr weight loss journey, look forward to keeping up with yr progress on yr thread.
    All the best xx
  17. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    I just wanna say a huge thank you to everyone! you have made me feel really welcome! Love you all to bits!

    I do have one question tho, how do you all deal with the wait? I think if anything my impatience will be my downfall. I wanna be thin, and i wanna be thin now! I guess the being bored thing doesn't help either!

    Any advice would be great!

  18. Gemstone

    Gemstone Here for the Journey

    Hiya Tyn :welcome:
    I'm on the healthy eating thing too but so I don't feel hard done by I pander to my chocoholism by controlled funsize and I even have the odd glass of wine (!) without having to feel guilty. The key is adjustment - being aware when you can and can't build in the treats. So far it is working for me - weeks 1 and 2 4lb - that's 8lb gone already. Enjoy your journey and it should be much easier ;)
    Gem x
  19. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    I absolutely know where you're comin from my love, i keep counting down the weeks trying to imagine just how thin i could be one month to the other. I think the key for both of us is to take each day as it comes. Next thing you know it'll be next year and we'll be wondering where the time has gone! :) x
  20. ang

    ang Full Member

    hi martyn good luck on your weight loss xx
  21. Martyn

    Martyn The Place To Be!

    I think i just need to get to the 1 week weigh in point, and (hopefully!) see the lbs vanish, i think once i reach that point, there will be no more looking back. I think its where i have always failed, never weighing myself, so i never had a clue where i was at. Hopefully, that and you all (Whom, if i win the lottery, i am adopting!) Will make it go more painlessly, and next summer, i will be topless somewhere!


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