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Big Brother


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Oh cant wait!!! Do prefer it when ive got to know everyone though!! Sarahxx.


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The start date has been confirmed by Channel 4 for Wednesday 30 May.

That's my summer sorted!!! :D

Likewise something worth watching tv for and paying the tv license for.



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I absolutely love Big Brother!! I will miss Russell on Big Mouth but I'll get used to that bit (eventually sob, sob!). But oh, 3 months of Big Brother throughout the summer. I'm very excited tonight! :D :D :D :D
Whooohooooo!! I hate it when BB's not on! lol

Always get a bit bored in the middle tbh, but can't stop watching it anyway!


(I think my poor blurke will leave home! lol)


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been an addict since bb2. Cant wait.


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Another addict here, watched from the very first one. It was also one of the best as the housemates weren't so aware as they are now. Don't think any of the first series expected to come out and be 'stars', not always the case these days. Will still be glued though.


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I hope its a good one this year....I think the best was when Marco and chicken stew was in the house....cant remember which year it was....and that Jason was so up his own backside......lol.

The other good one was when jade goody was in there
I've forgotten most of the faces despite being an avid fan at the time! Must have a very poor memory!!

I didn't watch any of BB1 but from BB2 i've been hooked!


The Me Is Back.........
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Oh my god have you seen the house
The Best And Worst Of Reality TV - MSN TV UK

"Nothing is where it should be in this year's house - confused housemates will find the fridge in the garden, the bath off the living area, and the kettle and toaster inside a locked cabinet - and only Big Brother holds the key. "

Muhaaaaaaaaaaaaa looks like its going to be a corker.... :sign0151:



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It would be my worst nightmare to take a bath in the middle of someone's living room. And to think that THIS living room is live on TV. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Never!

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