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Big day today!


Here we go again!
Not only was it my week 4 weigh in and I lost 5lbs but my younger daughter turns 18 today too :eek::eek::eek: Can't believe she's 18 already. She also bought her first car yesterday too, even though she hasn't passed her test yet. Not long to wait for that though.

I picked up a great birthday cake from the bakers today and it looks fantastic :( Hubby and her and her boyfriend have had some and I had to be satisfied with my choc shake.

It's all so worth it though. After the results I got on LT last year, missing a piece of birthday cake is nothing. I think I've only got about another 10 weeks or so on LT so it's not that long to go without. Went to a BBQ at my parents last weekend and survived and if I can do that anybody can. Not saying it was the easiest thing in the world but I did it and didn't cave at all. So glad, too.

Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend, even if the weather is rubbish.
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Aww 5lbs is brilliant and you really deserve it. Congratulations to both you and your daughter I hope she has a wonderful day. Your determination and willpower is a great inspiration for others well done Bev xxx


Here we go again!
Thanks Catt. You started only 2 days before me, so we're going through this together and you're doing great too.


this is SPARTA!
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Well done Bev, Im so pleased for you and impressed with your determination and positivity, its very inspiring. I hope your daughter has a fantastic birthday and you all have a lovely weekend!


Here we go again!
Thanks Laura. I found last time on LT I was mostly positive (apart from when nearing the end!) and determined. Think it's the best way. Don't think I could manage it any other to be honest with you.


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What a busy day for you then! I remember my 18th birthday, my mums exactly 30 years older than me and she said 'well its downhill from here for me then!'. Later found out she was joking of course, but she said she knew from then on her baby would be trying to fly the nest. Enjoy your daughter and i hope she has a good day. Also congrats on the 5lbs.


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hope you both have a great day ..its my eldest daughters 18th in oct and youngest is her 16th end of sept so expecting do be doing two parties!

why dont you cut a piece of your daughters birthday cake and freeze it so you can have it at a later date and enjoy it? i think thats what i would do if it were me :).

well done on your loss this week (i said so on the weigh in section) and heres to next week being as good.

h x


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awww well done hun. 5lb is a fab loss!! :D

hope ur daughter has a fab 18th. :)

good luck 4 next wk!



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Brill Bev...almost 2 stone in 4 weeks!!!!!! Wonderful!

Aw......cant believe you have a daughter of 18! :D Wearing it well girl!!!!!!!

I love your positivity and you know that will get you through your next 10 weeks, which will go in quicker than you think..just think how good you will feel! It is worth it though, eh!!

Well done on just admiring the cake and having your shake..you will be rewarded Bev!

Have a great weekend...weather naff here too! Although said it will be nice tomorrow and Monday...fingers crossed...and toes and anything else that can be crossed :p

Take care and as usual, you are doing absolutely brilliant!!!!


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Well done on the weight loss......you have done brilliantly, keep up the excellent work......hope your daughter has had a good day x


Here we go again!
Thanks again everyone.

Harriet, I have already cut a piece of cake and put it in the freezer! Couldn't resist doing that. Something to look forward to once this first part of the journey is over.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend and have better weather than us down here, it's horrible!

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