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Big Dipper feeling - is this OK?

Yes I think I know what you mean but this will pass, as for feeling bunged up I can relate to that!!! just keep drinking the water and this should help sorry your feeling poorly not good xxxxx
Water seems to be the key to most of these feelings we get with cd, hang in there hun it will pass.
Thanks for the quick replies girls :)
Feelings like this do make you worry about what you're doing to your body don't they?
I can't be anymore harmful than stuffing the old face with anything in sight though :p
thats right hun, your giving your body what it NEEDS not what it THINKS it needs.
Hi there,

Just wanted to add another voice to the gang of people saying "it will pass".

I had this during first week, really seasick or travel sick sort of feeling that came in waves - all gone by end of week 1 though!

I think its the adjustment not only to less solid food and loads more liquid, also to the high level of vitamins and minerals that CD has in its shakes etc.

Keep going, it will be OK.

Judders (at end of Week 6 now)
Thanks Judders :)
I never get sea/travel sickness so don't know how it feels.
I'm just glad I'm not on my own :p

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