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big fat FAILURE

Hey teamie,

You are not a failure, just because you ate does not mean it's the end of your CD journey. Get back on the horse and go for it. Write out your goals tonight and keep focused on getting through it one day at a time. Come on girl, you can do this !! x

Minxy Mummy

Going, going, ........
Turn that frown upside down

Don't be too hard on yourself Sarah, use this episode as encouragement for days to come, today you gave in to your negative inner being, you need to start talking to it with a positive tone - ie, "I am stronger than you, I have beleif in myself and my willpower" don't let it sabotage you. You were strong enough to make the decision to go on LL and abstein from food - hold onto that strength. Try and find a mantra that works for you and say it in the mirror every morning - mine is "I will be slim and confident" I say it about 5 times and try and picture myself at my target weight - I find it helps me focus.
I hope this helps a little. Good luck.

Minxy Mummy

Going, going, ........
Sorry Sarah, I've just realised you're doing CD not LL but the same mind set applies. Good luck. xx
I agree with everyone else, dont be so hard on yourself.

Have faith that you can still do this.
You are definitely NOT a failure. The first few days of this diet are very hard. As long as you get straight back on it, you'll be fine. Whenever you get any urges to eat, come on here and read all the success stories or browse online at nice clothes. Also, maybe get an early night to stop evening munchies.
Sarah you're not alone - I 'cheated' a bit yesterday & was so angry at myself BUT headed to the CD forum rather than the fridge, so it could have been much worse. I'm so grateful to those who gave me a boost.

Well done for getting straight back on the shakes - it's so easy to let one slip give you permission for a full-on blow-out, but you didn't & that takes strength.

Keep glugging x
Hi Sarah,
I am kind of new here as I started again after a long break.
I just wanted to say, please don't beat yourself up about eating. Just draw a line - drink loads of water and browse through the success photos on here for 20 mins! I keep looking at a pair of jeans hanging on my bedroom door which I want to wear 6 weeks from now...its working for me...so far... keep going...you can do it and we are all right behind you every step of the way! :)
Hi Sarah -

Well I am in the same boat! It's so bloody annoying! But, we can do it - we'll get there! I am convinced of it! Tomorrow is indeed another day! x


always lurkin around!
hi hun dont be daft youve had a blip ..its ok dont be down on yourself ...2morrows another day get back on track and youll be ok xx
Hey, you can do this. You know you can. Just stick to what's worked for you in the past -- porridge, porridge and porridge and the big K will come. Don't give up trying. Tomorrow is a new day.

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