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Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods - BBC3


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Did anyone else watch this programme? What did you think?

Zoe Salmon annoyed me from the get go, she seemed determined to undermine everything about low fat foods and didn't really give anything a chance, she just moaned about it all. There were a few items in the programme that opened my eyes as to what was actually in the foods, but when it came to the weigh in at the end, and she had gained 3lbs, I'm not surprised!! She ate constantly all day, she did not keep an eye on calories or any other monitoring of what she ate, she just ate everything that was "low-fat".

Also she ate a ready meal for every meal - surely people don't actually do that do they?

Doesn't all low fat food say on the packaging "to be eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet" or words to that effect?

TV doesn't really annoy me much (unless I catch a bit of Katie Price Next Chapter/what she did next/what she's going to do/who honestly gives a sh**??!!), but that programme really did get on my nerves!!

Rant over.....
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I agree totally i didnt see the programme but someone else said about it. Just because food says low fat, most of the time it can be far from it, it just means its lower fat than similar items!!

And i dont think anyone eats, ready meals for every meal, i dont anyway, would get a bit boring and expensive!! Anyway its also proven that they can make you really bloated, because of the sodium in them!! And like you say most do say to be eaten in conjuction with a healthy diet!!
i never saw it as i cant stand zoe salmon to be honest but it as scared me at times when looking at the backs of low fat food be it ready meal or a low fat ingredient to see that sometimes even standard "regular" fat items are in-fact lower in fat AND cals than the low fat version. i am not surprised at the weight gain living just on "low fat" ready meal. yes i do eat ready meals (probably more often than should) but i do eat good home cooked food too
I had to switch over as her whiney voice gets on my t!ts :eek:



Monster Scoffer
I also watched it, her voice was like a pneumatic drill but I found the programme interesting. Especially WW the naughty ******* getting caught out saying only natural ingredients - since when is wallpaper paste natural?! I don't eat ready meals but I do like the WW desserts (even tastier with wallpaper paste now lol) and it makes sense now how they can produce these desserts with much less kcal and fat etc - because they use bulkers. Thinking about it now - its all very airy; you only have to blow on the WW bread and it dissapears! Lol

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Monster Scoffer
yeah they took the eclairs and they had 3 types of cellulose (i think) in them; one for the pastry, one for the cream and one for the chocolate on top. The cellulose is actually made in a laboratory and its the same stuff that wallpaper paste is made from and they even showed it by sticking up two peices of wallpaper one with wallpaper paste and one with the cellulose and they stuck the same. Infact that Zoe Salmon said the cellulose gave a better finish haha!!
i sat through it, the wallpaper paste made me laugh, i dont eat too many ready meals because i think they taste bland and they nowhere near fill me up, but i do love ww desserts!


Monster Scoffer
I dont particularly understand why people buy ready meals, they are ridiculously small portions, high in salt and quite bland. My mum cooks a soup or spag bol etc, and freezes them in sandwich bags and it takes a few mins in the microwave to heat up. Its better for you and your wallets!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I love the WW eclairs - I'll think twice though before having them again!! Still have some WW meals in the freezer, always will have I think, they always come in handy on occasions!

I think I would have the programme more interesting if it was done by someone else, who was actually interested in diets - that lady who did the big fat diet show on channel 4, (can't think of her name) she was so enthusiatic about diets and how they worked and what they did for you, Zoe just whined and whined (and ate and ate)!!
Ready meals are a waste of money, they are full of fillers and ingredients under hidden names. They don't fill you up and you would be hungrier eating them than eating home cooked meals...A lot of the meat is processed, its not fresh , no vitamin intake !! They are bland and I bet after eating them people don't go "that was amazing"

At least with home cooking you know what your eating, you know its fresh....by making in bulk you fill your freezer with nutritious foods that are healthy and taste luvley....

I know what I would choose :):)
Isn't it great Passiflora, and knowing what is in your food is really important...and when you taste it thinking I made that...Its great to be organised WELL DONE :):)

I am very regimental my life is set to routines otherwise it all goes downhill.....:)
i have to say i do do a ready meal sometimes if im on a night. but i know what you mean they are crap really x
I don't know how they can fill anyone...and when I think of some of the meals I make that are over a 100 calories less and are filling and cost pennies compared .......:)

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