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Big Meets Bigger


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I watched it - fascinating! I was shocked that the Americans ate no fruit/veg as well as how much salt they use! Made me realise that my diet isn't half bad :) The idea of a week without fruit or veg horrifies me!!

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I made the mistake of watching it while eating a mullerlight yogurt. The pigs feet and ears soon ruined that for me!!

Those cheap buffets seem lethal.... cheaper than preparing meals for yourself.

Deloris shocked me, still being able to get around at 38 stone, you would imagine that she may have been bed-bound. Although she can't walk very far she is still relatively active for her size. It must be so frustrating that she doesn't just push herself that little bit further, but hey we all know it isn't that simple.

I hope the two young girls take on board their experience once back home. I know only too well the 'I will never get bigger than xx stone' to find how easily I smashed through that (without even realising it!).


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I watched it and was amzed at the buffet meals too ...and as for the burger -2 X 15oz burgers on a "bun":eek: ...jeese -I used to be able to eat a pea more than a pig -but even I couldn't have cleared that one!

I found it so sad that the youngest sister was trying to "treat Deloris" with food as she didn't know how long she would be around for -but it was so obvious that she was just speeding up the problem.

It was part one of four I think so i must remember to watch next week,,,

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what channel was it on? would you recommend watching it or not? xx
It was on BBCchoice last night, not sure if you'll catch it on iplayer, but yeah I would say it's worthwhile watching.


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I watched it last week and to be honest, it actually really upset me. It made me remember what it was like to be so big for so many years, trapped in a vicious binge-eating cycle I couldn't get out of. I haven't watched it again because it made me feel so helpless just watching it, the enormity of people's eating problems in the fast-food culture is terrifying. :(


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I missed it but just had a look on Sky+ and the 2nd one is on tonight so have set to Record - thanks!


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BBC iPlayer - Big Meets Bigger: USA

I'd watch it even as to serve as a reminder of where we could all so easily end up.

I can't believe the way the americans eat - its such a case of extrememes, in mississippi its a suicide mission every time they eat cause of the extreme levels of fat and salt they consume yet in Hollywood they are killing themselves to be size 0!! We are bad in the UK but no where near that bad for sure!


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ive just watched it on iplayer and oh my god! i see so much of myself in the two girls from england its really scary, im just so glad ive finally had that wake up call i needed and started to do something about it xx


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Thanks for posting the website.............look what message I got.

Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only, but all BBC iPlayer Radio programmes are available to you. Why?
If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.
Go to Radio channels home page
Bother. I really wanted to see this programme but even with a 2.4 meter satellite dish we lose BBC quite early in the evening.

Perhaps it will be repeated at some time.

I did see the young girl who had gone out to Mississippi on Morning T.V. She really had learnt the lesson and had lost about 7 stones when she was interviewed.

Salt on fruit.........yukky, yuk.
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I also watched this & I do really hope it is a wake up call for Bexs & Ann.

What I found facinating was how much the sisters loved their food & when eating the expressions on their faces.

I must admit I did have a giggle to myself when Bexs & Ann were treated to a 'soul' meal of pigs ears & feet:D


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The 2nd part of this is coming on, on BBC3 in about an hour if anyone wants to watch,,, they are in Greece. Hope its not just me out here who can watch it :cross:


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Oh yes i watched it too last week. I found it pretty heartbraking, it certainly made me think about things. I think it partly terrified me actually.

I think they were just in such bad habits, every meal was huge. and the burgers looked disgusting. But when you think about it, all the foods we consider treats, (well me, ie. butter) they were using on every meal. I saw one of the brit girls on this morning, she has lost stones and she looks amazing. Must watch the next one too. good thread alia xx
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Holy Moly... watching it now... SCARY!!! And very very sad :(


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Just watched the first one and now watching the second on TV. Shocking, so glad I've never been that bad :eek:


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I saw it last night and was shocked at what they ate then.

Now I'm watching tonights and I can't believe that the 10 year old girl is over 19stone!!!!!

It's quite disturbing to a point - if it was my son I'd be doing everything I can to help him lose the weight!

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