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Hi All tonight is my big night out. I had no do's over Christmas so to speak of so couldn't get all dressed up and show off the new me. I have been sooooooo looking forward to this evening but now I am really getting myself in a state because I know it is going to knock me out of ketosis which I have been trying so hard to get back into since I came back from my hols in September:cry: I know that I could go out and eat low carb and not drink any alcohol but I also know that I will be tempted and will probably, no defintely give in. Logically I know this is not the end of the world and two/three days later I could be back in ketosis again without any damage done so why am I stressing about it??????:sigh:
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Well go to the party with an open mind girl. Enjoy it, make good choices even if you do go out of ketosis and come here tomorrow for your TLC.

Have fun XOXO
Bernice, You will be fine just enjoy yourself and if you ruin the day, you still have tomorrow, you have been doing this for long so you will be back on track.
Bernice have one hell of good evening, all the wright you have lost, you more than deserve a good evening out, eat drink and be very very merry. Ketosis, whats that, forget about it.
Yeah I agree with Mark just go out and enjoy yourself, eat what you feel like, you will be surprised at the subconsciously healthier choices you make... Post us a photo of you all dressed up... Does this mean I will actually be the winner tonight?
.................I'm back..........p*****d as a newt but had a fab time...........get on up get on up like a sex machine you know doing it like a sex machine........isn't it amazing how much better you can dance after a few bacardi & diet cokes???? Obviously probably not in ketosis now but what the hell.......tomorrow's another day!!!!!!!!!! Night night all xx Up at 10.00am for Zumba tomorrow............yeah right!!!!!!!!!
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Lmao!! Made me smile at half six in the morning!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
Glad you had a fab time! Hope the heads not too sore today hehe!

luv katie


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