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big weekend ahead

hi there
well i have a surprise 40th tonight and then tomorrow its another friends birthday and we are off the jongleurs.

it will the frst time i have seen a lot of people since new years eve and starting LL

i have a new dress and can't decide at the moment if i should wear long boots or dare to bare my legs!

i feel a bit nervous as its almost like a big test - will they notice i'm two stone lighter??

Anyway, wish me luck, off to have a nice long bath and then get ready in peace for a change as the kids are at their nans

daisy x
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Is back in the saddle!
Whatever you wear Daisy, you're gonna stun 'em!!!

Hope you have a fab time and laugh your head off.:D:D:D
def up for the laughing i read an article in a magazine yesterday (might have been the LL one?) that said an hour of lauging is as good for you as 30 mins of weightlifting
daisy x


Surgically happy.
Good luck Daisy, hope you have a great time :)

I'm off out tonight (a "house party") but most of the people there are from work so they know, But I see a friend on Saturday for the first time in 8 stone, and thought she knows - actually seeing the difference is something else.
I'm sure whatever you wear you'll look lovely, go on show off what you've lost - so to speak.
You mean show off what she has left! :giggle:

Hon, I just looked at your pics. If your friends don;t notice - then they should've gone to specsavers!!!! :)

xx Have a great time!
hope you have a fab wkend i had my dad up visiting he paid for most of my ll and he hadnt seen me since i started 9 and a half stone later he is delighted and said he is very proud of me
Well done Rachel

Good to know he's proud of you. I hope he was before as well though!
That's a problem I had with my Mum. Good people are thin/bad people are fat syndrome.

well we had a great night - the birthday girl didn't suspect a thing!
i braved getting my legs out too.
nobody said anything tho about me being thinner!

some of them hadn't seen me since my wedding last july and i'm only about 7lbs lighter than then, so fair enough, but i thought maybe someone else might say something!

never mind - maybe someone will notice tonight at jongleurs!

daisy x
Well done Daisy.

Maybe people didn't say anything because they were embarrassed to comment on your weight or maybe just because it was you out and they see you as you no matter what your size.

It can be an odd thing though for people and they don't like to comment in case they think they are insulting you?

Have another great night :D
you are probably right.
there was another girl there and i think she has lost weight - but i didn't say anything to her either!
daisy x
that made me laugh minerva - they are really old shoes, well about 5 years, i haven't worn them since i got pregnant and then i put on weight so was uncomfy in heels.
i had forgotton i had them and wasn't sure about wearing heels all night in case i fell over! ( i actually took a pair of boots out in the car, just in case) - they were fine tho and being sober helped me stay upright in them all night, and they were actually quite comfy!

I had some nice comments about them, even if nobody noticed my weight loss!

daisy x

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