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Big Weight Loss = Loose skin


Gonna do it this time

Wondering if anyone can help with this one. I had just over 100lbs to lose and think I'm doing well so far. I was watching some rubbish on the Home and Health Channel last night and this woman was having surgery on her legs to remove loose skin, she looked terrible and felt terrible before her surgery.

I'm now kinda worried I'll end up healthy but looking worse than I did before. She had had a gastric bypass so had lost the weight reallly quickly.

Does anyone here know how I can stop this happening or is it an inevitable part of letting myself get this big in the first place.

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Hi Calkarima,
This issue tottally depends on your age and how much your skin has had to stretch. I calculate your starting weight as being around 17 st which although overweight is not as big as some of the people who have lost loads and been left with loose skin. You are right when you say that these people have lost dramatic amounts of weight very rapidly hence the body is unable to adjust to its new shape, the key here is to lose weight slowly and tone up as you go, walking is a great way to exercise and then concentrating on specific areas with exercises developed to deal with those areas will help.
At the nd of the day, losing the extra weight is far better for your body and will prolong our lives and with hard work our skin will bounce back.
After 3 babies , periods of overweightness and a hysterectomy at 36 I am left with a rather saggy tummy even at a lower weight but I can tone this up to a certain extent with sit ups although it will never look like that of a 17 year old again...lol.
Don't worry about loose skin, you will be fine and continue with your wonderfull weight loss.
Hope this helps.


Go on smile! =)
A good work out while loosing the weight will help you tone the skin. It does take time, Punkii (user one here) has started using toning centers and from what i heard they're working :D Also maybe look into creams, i cant think of any but i know they exsist. I wouldnt worry about it to much atm. Focus on loosing the weight and whatever you're left with you can deal with it when the time comes =] :D


Gonna do it this time

Thanks for your replies. Sometimes I think I need to get out a bit more rather than sit on my computer and stress myself out. Tomorrow I will take my kids out for the day and get some exercise.


Go on smile! =)
Sounds like a plan :p Have fun


gunna be a fatty for ever
... have fun!! wrap up!! its freezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing today!!
yeah i have started using toning centers , 3 weeks down the line and 20 +1/4 inches loss combined on my body.. it tightens skin and makes celluite less.. i was dubious about it but now i know it works im happy.

also ive been using bio oil , as its great but i had a body massage and the lady said i should use olive oil as its cheaper and does teh same effects.
What are toning centers? sorry if this is a stupid question just never heard of these centers

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