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Previously used exercise bike to help lose loads of weight - 6 stone in 8 months and kept it off 2 years...

12 years later...more babies, 6 stone back on, messed up metabolism and a back condition and im back to the bike, bought a new exercise bike months ago due to all of the above was really gentle with myself and did 30 minutes on it every day religiously not at a fast pace, medium setting as this was all i could manage any time i went fast on it i exhausted myself, so i saw the low pace as better than nothing!?

However, my weight loss is really slow even though my healthy eating is 100% i KNOW if i use the bike right it will do i pick up the pace without putting myself off?

E.g 5 mins fast on a low setting then 5 min normal at medium setting or blocks of 10?

Someone has said im wasting my time as id be better halfing time on it to 15 min and going really fast (HIIT style) as the results would be better?? Is this true?

Please help before i de-motivate myself
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Hi, sorry I didn't see this message in March!

I am a Spin Instructor and I think your plan to do 5 mins fast, then 5 mins medium speed is the best way. This is also HIIT as you are changing speed and therefore your heart rate is going up and down. Do not let your heart rate go to low before going fast again as this can become dangerous.

Hope that helps :)