Binge Guilt


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I've been doing SW for a year, lost two stone and it's great. I had to study abroad for 3 months and came home for Christmas. Went back to group in January and only gained a pound after my time away and Christmas eating!

My problem is in the four weeks since I've been back I only lost weight at one weigh in and gained weight at all the other weigh ins. I'm the same weight I was four weeks ago though. My problem is I am not eating well. It doesn't matter if I stay for group or not, if I keep a food diary or if I really try hard, I end up eating chocolate or drinking beer or over indulging.

My long term boyfriend and I broke up very suddenly while I was away, a week before Christmas. My self esteem is quite low at the moment and I feel sad and grumpy a lot of the time. Do you think this is affecting my diet? I try to go for walks and do things I enjoy but I still eat badly.

Also, what should I do if I'm having a lot of bad weeks in a row? I feel embarrassed going into group because everyone is losing weight and I'm just going up and down. I ate too much today and over the weekend also. I have weigh in on Thursday and just feel so defeated and bad about myself.
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Absolutely the break up will be affecting you, sorry to hear that. The best thing is to get all of your trigger foods out of the house for now. You can't eat what's not there! Then just take it one day at a time, it's so easy to slip up once then take the rest of the week off due to a "been bad, so damage is already done" mindset. Maybe given yourself little non-food rewards for each day/week you stay on plan? Whatever works for you - can be as small as a sticker chart, or buying something you've had your eye on.

Keep going to group though. No one is there to judge you, and you may find it useful to open up if you haven't already. If you find it hard to talk there, maybe on the Facebook group if they have one? Just so people know what you're going through. Everyone has had rough patches, and a lot of people do use food to cope - so you're definitely not alone!