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Decided to do a diary as I'll kick myself down the line if I don't.

Thought it was about time I shed this blubber once and for all. I had a baby girl in August and don't want her to ever remember me being this fat! Ive always been big so it would be amazing to feel slim and healthy and I'm determined to get there. :)

So starting stats

Start date: 10th Jan 2012
Weight: 23st 9lbs
Height: 5ft 6
Clothes size: 24/26
Need to lose 12st!

I'm aiming to lose 6st by late May. I know its a tall order so I wont be too disappointed, but this is when I go back to work from mat leave and I want to look completely different. Then Ill tackle the other 6st.

Been reading posts on here for the past couple of weeks and they have really motivated me to keep going.

Had my first weigh in last Monday after 6 days on Lipotrim and lost 11lbs!!! (amazed!!):D:D:D

Had my second weigh in today and 6lbs (yay!!!) :D:D

Had a couple of really shaky moments this week but pushed on through, proud of myself!

Anyway Ill keep updating and cant wait to look back when i'm slimmer! :p

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Congratulations! You've made a brilliant start and if you keep it off you should have most (if not all) of that six stone off by the time you got back to work.

Plus going back to work after mat leave is really hard and is one of those things that can push us into over eating. so, by the time you go back, you'll have a whole new set of habits to stop you from doing that.

Keep going and keep posting. I was about the same starting weight as you, so I'm here for awhile too!


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Welcome birdfrombelfast... stick with us lot ;) and you`ll do brilliantly... post post post oh and talk about everything if it helps...ask lots of questions if your needing encouragement or advice. the girls on here are amazing support... believe me I should know... Love to you and you`ll smash that weight no problemo! :D L xxxx


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Aww thanks ladies for such a warm welcome. I'll look forward to sharing the journey with you. I'm planning on making the forum my life line for the next so many months so really helps that there are such lovely people on here x


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Welcome Honey....Lou's post post.....everyone on here is in the same boat and really REALLY supportive xx

oh and when you reach your goal you can inspire somebody else!!

Good Luck on your journey and we'll all be here for you x

Sal x


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You have made a fantastic start. Well done - it gets easier as you go along and the help on here is great.


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S: 20st9lb C: 12st13lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 7st10lb(37.37%)
I think thats how most of us manage. One shake at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time! Weigh in day is a big thrill.


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Lol hockey nut. I used to look forward to nights out and now the best part of my week is doing what I've avoided for years- getting on those scales!!

Just back from the gym so hoping that helps x