Birth control and lipotrim


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I wouldnt have thought so? to be sure ask your pharmacist i filled in the questionaire today and there was no questions on it regarding contraception that i recall hun hth Lisa x


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I don't think so but I did hear on here before that being on Lipotrim increases your fertility!!!!!

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Yup, definitely heard that LT increases fertility but I was on LT for 12 weeks solidly and on Cerazette at the same time and still not babbied up lol

It does increase your libido though lol! Well, it does if you're me! :giggle: Maybe that's just caused by a boost in confidence due to weight loss though? x

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Hi, i started LT today and the pharmacist was going through the medical form and when asked if i was on any form of tabs from my docs i just said i was on the contraceptive pill, she never said anything so am guessing it wont affect u, but if u wanna be super sure just check with ya pharmacist i cant see it affecting anything xx