Birth control pill - Yasmin


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MOrning all,

Just wondering if anyone has any experiences of this pill? I was on Microgynon for 6 years but just got back from docs where he suggested I might want to change (after me saying I have had 'spotting', loss of sex drive and mild depression) the pill. He has prescribed me 3 months of the YAsmin pill but ive just got home and started googling it and there are a LOT of negative reviews on the web about it. Now feel really nervous about taking it!?

Any views welcome please!
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Hels Bels

I have been using Yasmin for over 3 years now. I havent had a problem with it and wont be changing any time soon. However I think it is down to the individual and how they react to it. If the doctor has suggested it, maybe you should give it a go.