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Birthday Cake, to eat or not to eat?

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Morning everyone, i'm new to this board (but not new to atkins) I'm currently doing low carb/shake diet. Sounds odd I know, but when doing conventional atkins I feel so full all the time I dont want to eat, so I now mix it with low carb shakes (not atkins, I work in a gym so get them there) for breakfast and lunch then a normal low carb dinner and it works better for me (slow and steady weight loss).
Anyway, its my 30th Birthday tomorrow!! and my mum has called and asked if I want a cake? She knows I'm low carb and it would be more for the kids and hubby, but didnt know if I might have a slice too.

I said I wouldn't as I'd set myself a mini target of 10 stone to be by my birthday, which I'm still a couple of pounds away, so definatly no cake. Thing is now I'm thinking, is life too short to worry about 1 slice of cake?
What would you do? x x
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If I'm honest, I would have some cake. Your only 30 once, and if you can't have a treat on your birthday then when can you? Just don't use it as an excuse to have a carb binge and not get straight back on the wagon. Good on you if you have the resolve not to though and either way have a happy birthday :)

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i would have the cake , but get bak on the wagon the very next day :)

i'm gonna be 30 in a few weeks , had wanted to be at goal but know i'm not gonna make it but i'll be still be taking time out to indulge for my birthday :)
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Have you thought about baking your own low carb cake to minimise the damage yet still have yourself a birthday treat?


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Happy Birthday Ali - for tomorrow... I think if you can make a low carb that would be the first option - otherwise as it's such a special birthday I'd probably have a slice of the naughty one! :)


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If it was me i'd stay away from the cake.... but then i'd probably end up celebrating with several bottles of wine and a bag of crisps

Happy Birthday, what ever you decide :)


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Happy birthday Aly! If you want a slice have one, but beware of the sugar rush if you've been strictly LC. I had some sorbet on holiday & felt awful. Spinny, dizzy & had to lie down, lol. Never again for me. I would stick to bubbly :D If you can't make a giant sweet mim with cream & berries then enjoy your cake & get back to LC tomorrow. Enjoy it what ever you decide :D
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thank you everyone, I'm still undecided, I have had a good breakfast, and it will just be me and the kids until my mum comes round after work at 4, then hubby home at 6, then I start work at 7pm so I think a good lunch too then maybe a very small slice of cake, or a sweet mim is a GREAT idea, although when i've made sweet ones in the past they weren't that nice, so we'll see. x x x


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I definitely agree with making a sweet MiM, I would do a rich chocolate one and top with cream and treat myself to a few raspberries or blackberries. Happy Birthday!! :D


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Happy birthday:). If you did enjoy the cake - get some water down you:D


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Happy 30th Aly!!!

Hope you have a lovely day, cake or no cake - and defo have some bubbles to celebrate! :)

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