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Birthday Cake !! ??

Its my husbands birthday tomorrow and I always make him a cake, Ive promised him a chocolate cake complete with chocolate buttons :eek:
Now what do I do, make his lovely yummy cake and...
1. Be really good and just look at it, smell it and maybe pinch a chocolate button.
2. Have a small slice as a treat after all its a special occasion.
3. Have a slightly modest slice and really enjoy every mouthful.
4. Dont make a cake and tell hubby if I cant have it neither can you!
5. Eat the whole thing and blame it on the dog!!

Im open to suggestions LOL:D
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Haha! I like your options!

I'd say absolutely make him a cake, and of course you should have some! As you say, it is a special occasion. Your husband will want you to enjoy it with him, and it's when you start refusing to be a part of special things like birthday cake that things can start getting awkward with loved-ones while you're losing weight. And we don't want that!

Maybe have a slightly lighter lunch, free up a few points. If you go over, be really angelic for the next few days.

EAT THE CAKE! Just stay in control.
Yeah I think thats what im going to do, I had a late lunch today so will only need a light tea, and im being good the rest of tomorrow too, he's getting a full fry up and im having a crumpet or 2 lol, but I prefer that anyway, ive gone right off fried food.
thanks for the support :)
I would make it and then cutt it up into even portions, maybe 12. Then he can always have 2 but you can have one slice and know thats enough. When i get to cut my own slice i always make it a teeny bit bigger!


The mother flippin'
You could point the ingredients for the whole thing then divide by the number of portions. See if it's worth it. I have a terrible craving for chocolate cake ATM!

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