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Birthday Meal - Please Help!!

Hi Guys,

Just looking for a little advise. Been on SS for 4 days now, and doing really well. I have just received a call from my mother in law, and she has arranged for us all to go out on Saturday for dinner at a really s****y restaurant due to it being her 60th birthday! I'm not sure what I can do, the only slight relief is it's a steakhouse.

As I have just gone into Ketosis, would that be ruined if I eat a plain steak and a plain salad? Otherwise I will have to explain to the other 10 family members why I am drinking a milk shake at the table, and I really wanted to keep it quiet!!

Any advice would be really apperciated.

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If you don't want to say anything, just tell her on the day that you just had a stomach bug and you really don't feel like eating. Even better if your OH concurs.

I really don't like lying but I understand where you're coming from regarding not wanting to tell people about the diet. :)
in my first week i had people over and i didn't want them to know so i said i'd had a big meal at work but you couldn't get away with that with you knowing you are going you could say you had a stomach bug or is there a chicken or fish options. also if you have salad make sure to pick out the things you can't have.
i feel your pain hun you have to go cause its a special birthday but this close to your start is hard.


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Every week so far I've had to eat a meal that was against the 'rules' and I've had good losses every week. I think it's important not to let th diet control your life. Just have the meat and salad, ask for no dressing and as tink said, just leave things you're really not allowed.
what have you eaten hun? i once read that having a off day once a week can be good for weightloss cause it kick starts your weightloss again and it always worked when i was on sw but wouldn't dare do it on this because of breaking ketosis.


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Hi tink, went on a course and had a salad, but had beetroot along with salmon and smoked fish. I managed to stay in ketosis. This weekend I had a wedding an had salmon and rocket in a lemon and dill dressing then chicken in tarragon sauce which I scraped off, but still had a little along with veg roasted in oil. I'm still in ketosis. I did dukan before cd so I learnt a lot about how to eat high protein, low carb meals. I just know that if I totally deprive myself, I'll fail so I just hVe to make sensible choices when faced with eating dilemmas haha x
Im gonna have a tough weekend too visitng my parents, they now im on the diet but still going to be horrible not having lovely meals with them. Ive decided to enjoy a chicken and salad each day and yes it may be a little larger than the portions allowed but how much harm can it really do? its better than me giving up and having an indian as would usually be planned... surely?!!

Good luck with your choices xx


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Absolutely true lil-legs! I think it has to be seen as a lifestyle change! X
its mad. Im only on day 2 so may well be jumping the gun but im not really hungry and im finding it so much easier!

i lost a lot of weight twice on ww before but going get back into the mindset this year hence cd. Even when being good on ww i would have a treat and factor it in, this week i have been offered so much and didnt thin twice about saying no.. i cant have it and thats that - no ill have this then have a smaller dinner - just no!!

Hope i can stick to this for the next 7/8 weeks until my holidays and lose as close to 2 stone as possible with a few planned nights out, but still be sensible! x
Thanks everyone for your great answers! I've decided to skip the starter and then have plain chicken and a plain salad. Obviously I will not even be looking at the dessert menu!

This is my 5th day and I am 6lb down on the scales this morning, finally feel like I have found the answer!


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I've just switchd over to Exante afterdoing Cambridge (really only for financial reasons) but still doing a VLCD and have had some time off inbetween, my family are visiting this weekend and we have a huge family meal out on Sunday...plain chicken salad for me all the way!!! x


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If you stick to protein and salad you should be okay, make the excuse you are full not to have a sweet and offer to drive so you can't drink,

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