Birthday Present Ideas!?


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My sister is turning 25 in February so need to get her something with January's pay-packet but have no idea what so ever what to get her!

Want to get her something special as it's a 'milestone' birthday but dont have tonnes of money to spend. Her hubby is getting her jewellery so can't go down that route. Want to get her something that is just for her.

Anyone got any ideas as i'm totally lost!

Thanks xx
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Have you got access to old family photos? You could do her an album.


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What about a nice photograph frame with a picture of you and your sister in it.

You can get some really beautiful photograph frames these days, and it will be something for her to look at and remember.
If you have a branch of Space NK (google them to find out) near you, they usually have some fantastic sale bargains at this time of year.

I bought a couple of their gift sets, which normally retail at about £35, for £8.50 last year.

Or you could give her a home-made voucher for a day out at a place of her choice - a stately home, shopping, lunch, a gallery, whatever would be a treat for her.


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How about a spa day or weekend, or tickets for a show. If thats on the expensive side, a bottle of champagne and some flowers. Tattinger champagne is beautiful and around £35, it leaves the well known brands standing, trust me, I worked in a wine shop and did the exams etc and Tatt is wonderfull stuff.

Happy Holidays

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For my sister's 40th I got her an afternoon in a studio recording a song of her chosing. She loves singing as a hobby & was really pleased, I went to watch her record it & it was such a lovely afternoon. Unfortunately I can't remember the cost.

But back on the photo theme I love mugs with photos on.


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My kids did granny and grandad a box of love for Christmas - (a no cash spent gift) get a box and decorate it and then put in folded or curled slips of paper to select on a daily basis with I love you because... tears for sure!!


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boots do a photoshoot package for like £25/£30 quid. She gets her hair and make up done and some free photos, proper day out etc.



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Lots of nice ideas. What are you leaning towards Wifey?

I like the photoshoot idea, and the photograph of the two of you. Are you close? What's your budget? Has she got a home that she may stay in for a long time - I am thinking you could buy her a fruit tree or another tree for her garden, something that could grow and make her remember you every time she eats an apple! lol!


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Oooo aren't you lovely? I know you said you didn't want to go down the jewelry route, buuuuuut how about one of those silver bracelets you put the glass beads on? That way you have covered yourself for future gifts from you and OH too. The bracelets are about £40 and the beads range from £10 onwards. I'm going to do this for my sister this year because, with her living in Australia, the beads will be cheap and easy to post over to her and I am thinking in time, she'll be able to mix and match the beads to suit her outfits etc.

Just a thought... xxx