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well todays my birthday and ive had a great day.

my friend paid foe me to go and get my haird all done and a make over, plus my folks brought me a lush new outfit for losing the weight so far but everyone has arraged a meal for us all about 20. so i dont know what to do? do i eat or not? :sign0163:
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You have to do what is right for you!

I personnally wouldn't eat and just tell people it is your birthday and you will abstain if you want to! But if you decide you want to eat just try to stick to protien and veg

Happy Birthday


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if they know ur on this diet then i would just explain u dont want to hinder it by eating!! Im sure if its ur fam and friends they will be proud of u for having so much will power and determination and not be annoyed with u! If u think u can go and not eat then do that, or if not then suggest that u's skip the meal and go out for a drink!! But stick to the water! x
oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hiya- since my planned day and a half off for DH b'day and Easter, which turned into 10 days off- I have been out for several celebratory meals. I start with coffees with my tetra in ( 2-30 then have a cranberry bar for my main. I indulge in sparkling water for my beverage-consumed decadently through a straw! Quite intoxicating ( tee hee)
It's worked for me so far.
You must do what you feel is the best thing for you though.

Have a lovely day


Likes being a girly girl

Whatever you decide, enjoy the rest of your day! :)


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Happy birthday have a great day

I never came off my diet for celebrations but did join in on them all I would take my pack with me and zero coke would maybe have 2 cans pushing the boat out or make it my aamw so I could have small portion of chicken tikka with little salad ,

If you feel you can manage a day off then jump straight back on you go for it hun we will be here to help you xxxx
thanxs everyone still not sure think ill just wait and see but mmm wine mmmm wine not bothered about food just lots and lots of wine lol


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Happy Birthday Hunni.. what ever you decide to do .. have a lovely, lovely time!!!!!!


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well todays my birthday and ive had a great day

Enoy the rest of your Birthday!!!

Love Mini xxx
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Happy Birthday!

Are you in Ketosis...If Yes please read the sticky about dangers of alcohol!
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Bit late in the day but !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

thanks everyone well i eat and had two glasses of wine and now back home as i feel like ~%$& wish i hadnt eat now but well i did enjoy the food.

so about to have a couple of glasses of water and go to bed and back on cd tomorrow.

think ill have a party again next year got loads more presents lol

ashley xx

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