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It's someones birthday in my office and they have bought cakes, I'm ignoring them and having water though.

People are being all 'oh just have one, or a half of one it won't matter' and are really dense about the whole 'yes it will' comments I'm making, they just won't accept it that I don't want one (well I do but I'm making a positive choice not to have one)

Rant over.
Water please!
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Good for you!

It is my birthday next month. I am not sure what to do. I haven't told anyone at work I'm on CD (and would rather keep it that way) but we make a big deal of birthdays here and I know there will be cake. Not quite sure how I am going to get out of that one!


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i had the same predicament on friday. same happened here in the office ! i just said no politely and people were like 'aw i cant believe she wont have a little piece, just a piece' it was almost as if they felt sorry for me !!! they will be sorry when they have an extra inch of fat on their backsides !


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You're doing the right thing hun, just say you don't want to tempt yourself into anything more.

Think of those scales on W.I. day when you have stuck to it 100% - keep going hun :) xx


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Oh god I share your pain. I don't know exactly how many people there are on my floor, must be about 200 ish, divided up into four groups. By virtue of my role i 'look after' all four groups and thus am on all four group email distribution lists. I swear not a day goes by without someone coming back from holiday with goodies, having a birthday, buying krispy kremes 'because its a wet tuesday in august' or similar. What makes it double worse is that the 'usual place' for one of my groups is RIGHT outside my office door. I confess, last week I could not resist the mini rice crispy cakes.

Usually I just delete the emails and ignore and feel smug.


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HUH! it's someone else's birthday today, and even though they know I'm on a diet they've been trying to force stuff down my gob - again :eek: !
And I carried the basket in the supermarket that was chocka full of goodies ...... birthdays should be banned :mad: !

Apart from my own of course, and anyone on the forums, because we deserve them :D
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ah those shake places are going up everywhere but I like my cambridge one thanks! Birthday cakes are a killer for me ! I'll show you my little girls first birthday cake I had made and I couldnt eat any of it :0( looked yummy! then again it did look too nice to eat too!
We also went to costco and bought loads of muffins and cupcakes .. yum!


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