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  1. I have so far lost 13lbs in two weeks and I am very very happy, clothes has started to feel baggy which is great. I find that weekdays are so easy to cope with but I dread the weekends. Next weekend is my birthday I don't want to be a bore and pass on any food offered so any ideas on what too eat?

    Will I pile the whole 13lbs back on again if I do eat?

    THanks Guys, keep slimming!:)
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    sorry you haven't had a response to your post. I'm just going to say good luck, 'cos i'm of the mindset that you don't need to eat just 'cos it is your birthday.

    All the best
  4. daisydaisy

    daisydaisy Full Member

    Ooh, I agree with Dancing - don't eat if you can possibly help it! Unless you are super-strong willed, it is the road to ruin if you've been on SS - I speak from bitter experience.

    The best birthday present you can give yourself is a healthy weight - and who cares if it comes along a bit belatedly? Sorry to be a killjoy, but I really don't think it's worth the risk of undoing all your good work so far.

    You've done so well - how about treating yourself a little birthday present instead? That will last far longer than a few mouthfuls of food, and won't mess up your weight loss.

    Good luck (and happy birthday for the weekend!)
  5. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling


    Yep I with the others on this, there will be plenty of Birthdays to enjoy in the future so if you can possibly resist.

  6. weepoppet

    weepoppet Full Member

    I am in agreement with everyone, don't eat for your birthday. I didn't and have no regrets. It could set your weight loss back or could put you in the mindset that it is ok to eat and get away with it.

    It is only a birthday and I am sure you have many more to come. You will enjoy the taste of food when there is less of you.
  7. lillypop

    lillypop now got pictures in album

    Well, I am 30 today and I havent had any food. I decided not to go out for a meal but we had everyone around here instead. Like you, I've only been on this diet for 2 weeks and I dont think that is long enough to eat any food. If I was you, I wouldnt look at it as being a bore but more like you dont want to mess up your diet by eating so soon but that's just me and my decision!
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    happy birthday chick and good on you for keeping the focus. Hope you had a good day :)
  9. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    Sorry to say but I agree with everyone - don't eat! Just think of yourself in the summer in all those lovely new clothes, and next year when it's your Birthday you can all go out and you can feel great about yourself and enjoy your food and (if you're anything like me ) not worry about people looking at what you're eating!!
    Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck, and try and enjoy yourself.
  10. melster122

    melster122 Full Member

    Well I am going to upset everyone now lol. It was my birthday the week before last and I had that day off. I went out to lunch with my friends and then out to dinner with my family and had a lovely day. I didn't go mad but had a few things I wanted.

    The following day I went straight back onto CD and when I weighed myself that morning I had put on 3lbs:eek: By the time I got to my weekly weigh in I had lost that 3lbs plus another 1lb. So overall I had only lost 1lb in the week but I had an enjoyable birthday :)
  11. moti17

    moti17 is gonna do it!!

    On my birthday, which is in May, I am going to eat and drink, as you only live once.
    As long as you go straight back to the diet the day after, who cares?
    Enjoy it.
    I really want to lose weight as much as we all do, but I don't want to make myself miserable either.
    Char X
  12. Deejay

    Deejay Full Member

    I went out for dinner for my birthday, but made sure that I didn't drink alcohol and ate reasonably healthily. I was hugely hungry the following days when I got back onto CD, but I know that I would have to deal with the consequences of breaking the diet. And in the end, I got over the hunger and I know that I had a great birthday. But, its up to you. Breaking the diet can be the downfall of some people, you have to be prepared to be strong afterwards!

    Good luck
    Dee x
  13. lillypop

    lillypop now got pictures in album

    It's great for people who can get straight back on CD but for me, I have only just started this journey and still have 12 stone to lose. It's not worth one night of food to please others if it messes up my chances going back on CD the next day. I could say that I would be how would I know until I've done it? I've got quite an addictive personality!!! If I had one night out, I would probably want more, so I have to sacrafice it for 1 year to make my life better, if you know what I mean
  14. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

    Ah... the old problem raises its head. I was 3 weeks in to sole source last year when ny Birthday came and double whammy it landed on easter day too , I had lost 16 lbs and like you didnt want to spoil it, to be honest I was so motivated and had found it so hard the first 2 weeks that there was no way I was going to jeapodize my diet by eating so I persuaded my foodie friends , who always like to celebrate all our birthdays by eating to do somethiing different this year , so off we went to see a show, and you know what they loved it and its started us doing much more interesting activitys on our birthdays now. There really are other ways to mark the day and feel special, besides eating and drinking (Ok I didnt mange to stop them quaffing the old wine , but I enjoyed sparkling water in a champagne glass, knowing that on my next birthday I would be slim. Well my bithday is just over a week away and I have given myself the best birthday present this year ever a slimmer healthier body , with a wardrobe of size 14 clothes that this time last year I could only have dreamed of fitting in. So my advice , find another way to celebrate, there really is more to life than stuffing your face, you just have to find something else to do that makes you happy, knowing you will have lots of slim birthdays to come when you can eat and drink , isnt missing the feed for just one year worth it?
    Happy Birthday in advance , have a brill time whatever you decide.
  15. lillypop

    lillypop now got pictures in album

    I did have a lot of people from work say to me 'arent you doing anything ELSE on your birthday'?????? and some strange looks when I said I wasnt going out for a meal!! As I was 30, it was a landmark that I wasnt looking forward too! :eek: but what I told them was that next year, when I am 31 we are going to celebrate BIG TIME because I will be SLIM!!!

    I guess, you know yourself how much will power you have and if you can go back to the diet afterwards. I am crapping myself coming up to add a meal week to be honest. I know I have to do it but it would be much easier if I didnt eat food ever again until I was at target weight!!!

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