Bit of a slip up...


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Cant say for sure hun but I bet a little chinese 5 spice wont bring you out of ketosis. Nah doubt it. Dont worry xx


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The first day I had the soup I put chinese five spice into it... But then heard that we shouldnt be putting anything in the soup at all and stopped.

It didnt do me any harm!

I put pepper in my soup.. but thats all i would risk

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i used chinese 5 spice when i did lt before, didn't cause me a problem!sure its not allowed tho!


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I used to put cayenne pepper in mine so that I could stomach it!


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I lost 8stone in 6months and every evening I'd have soup with either, 5 chinese, curry powder, chilli flakes, paprika etc etc!

Don't worry, I think they say avoid it cos it gets your taste buds going but I really enjoyed it so it actually kept me going!


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I dont think its going to do much harm but you are defeating one of the main objects of the diet ..... cleansing the pallette in preperation for eating again.

My advice; dont add anything. :)