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Bl**dy slimathon

I agreed to do the SW slimathon with an online friend (in fact, I persuaded her) but now that I'm doing it, I feel reeeaaally reeeaally under pressure!!

I don't want to tell the blokes at work that I'm dieting (I work with 3 other women and 15 blokes) because then they will think its their God given right to comment on anything and everything that goes in my mouth! (and I'm rather touchy about that)!

I think I'd rather diet in private and just aim for 1lb a week instead of putting myself under too much pressure.

But I don't want to let my friend down .....I'm really stressing about this now!



PS/ I haven't got any sponsors yet and I haven't told my Consultant I'm doing it yet either!
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what is a sw slimathon?

You don't have to tell anyone your on a healthy eating plan. None of thier business. I think 1lb a week is about right for losing weight anyway or is that not how it works?
Its run by slimming world. You choose 6 consecutive weeks to take part and get sponsored by the lb for any weight you lose! So really in that 6 weeks you're expected to lose more than 1lb a week and should really go for it! However, this is what's making me feel pressured ....... I'm not sure if I'd be better sticking with my 1lb a week plan and forgetting about the slimathon or whether to stop being a wuss and just go for it!

(I just couldn't take all the jibes off the blokes at work that sponsored me if I didn't lose very much in that 6 weeks and I'd feel a failure, plus, like I say, if they're sponsoring you per lb they'll either try and sabotage me orrrrr will comment on EVERYTHING I eat, which will totally get on my wick)!

Hope that makes it a bit clearer?!?!

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sw are currently doing a sponsered slimathon where you dedicate yourself to raise money per lb you use and aim for a target, i think its a 6 week period.

- hun, don't worry.. i'd explain to your friend, because whats the point in ruining your mindset because your so worried? its better for you to relax and enjoy at your own pase, than rush and feel pressured because you though it was a good idea at the time. Your friend will understand, 'dieting' is a very sensitive issue. xxxx
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I'd tell my friend that it's not for me and that it's going to set me back if I carry on. She'll understand.

Mrs V

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I agree with Fern. If it really is upsetting you this much, I would speak to your friend and tell her the amount of pressure that you feel you are under at the moment. If she is friend she will understand, besides which, you can still loose weight, but just do it at your pace rather than setting yourself up for challenges that are going to make you anxious.

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Oh yes i see now. Well that is alot of pressure to put on yourself, it's stressful enough just going for the WI each week. Like Fern says i would speak to your friend and explain t's just to much pressure and you would rather stick to a healthy 1lb a week. I'm sure she will understan, she may even be relieved
Thanks everyone, I feel awful really as it was my idea! lol But I'm sure if I explain it properly, she'll understand!

Then I just have to explain it all to my Mum as I think she's told half of the church she goes to!



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Must agree with others on here, if it is stressing you out that much then perhaps it isn't for you. I'm sure your friend will understand.

I am the same when it comes to challenges - i put myself under so much pressure that it backfires and I end up saying sod it and do my own thing (so to speak). I think I put myself under too much pressure recently and am just beginning to get back into it. (thought I had it a little while ago but no!)

I also told one of my colleagues that I am doing sw and I get asked every week how I got on and, although I am sure this person isn't, I feel as though I am being judged each week (more pressure). So I can understand that you don't want your colleagues to know.

Best wishes and do what makes you comfortable - but if it was me I would give the slimathon a miss.
Thanks everyone, I had a chat with hubby about it last night too and he's of the same opinion - that I'll be putting myself under too much pressure! Sooooo I'm going to give it a swerve as it can be hard enough to lose weight as it is without obsessing about a slimathon .... or even worse, falling at the first hurdle!

Imagine how awful I'd feel if I only lost a couple of lbs in that 6 weeks! Having to admit that to everyone!!

Thanks again

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I'm going to come at it from a different angle hun.

You are going to a class where you get weighed each week right? So you are immediately under some pressure there just getting through the week and having a loss each week. Whats the difference if you raise a few quid for charity along the way? It doesn't matter how much you loose in the 6 weeks, there are others less fortunate than yourself who would appreciate the effort you have put into raising money for them. Its not a competition to see who sheds the most during those 6 weeks, just get the money for every pound you loose and feel good about helping others. Even if you put a £1 per pound in yourself its money raised.

Now I've not posted this to put under pressure lol, but to maybe just see it from a different angle and that it doesn't have to pressure you any more than a normal week.

What ever is right for you is right.xx:D

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