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Black Coffee?

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by LibraLite, 22 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. LibraLite

    LibraLite Well-Known Member

    Hi guys and gals,

    Sitting here this morning, waiting for my little monsters to wake up with a steaming mug of Black coffee and wondering is it ok to have sweetners in it?? I put two sweetex in my coffee and I have a maximum of two mugs a day, I am only on day 2 so not in Ketosis yet. Coffee is the only thing I will have thats not 100% TS..I kinda need it....I HAVE 3 KIDS! :D

    Also I had a cracking headache last night, I had to take some nurofen, they're sugar coated I think, is that ok too?? Think I'm still half asleep and having abit of a panic tbh :eek:
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  3. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Well-Known Member

    I have 2 sweeteners too I'm my coffee too. Yes they're fine - so don't suffer coffee without milk AND without sweetener - bleugh! :)

    I don't think you can have granulated though.

    Go and get another black coffee and slap some sweeteners in it, you deserve it.

    Good luck with your first week x
  4. LibraLite

    LibraLite Well-Known Member

    Thanks Allie, Will defo stick to having my morning coffee :)
  5. demmeister

    demmeister Well-Known Member

    Coffee is one thing I really miss. I can't stand black coffee so I'm having to go without and I get really tired at about 4pm every day (the time I normally start work). I used to have a coffee to perk me up a bit but obviously can't anymore :-(
  6. LibraLite

    LibraLite Well-Known Member

    Aww, Took me awhile to get used to Black coffee, and its not the same as a coffee with a drop of milk in, but still I gotta take what I can get! :)
  7. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Well-Known Member

    Do you not like coke zero? You could have a glass of that for your caffeine hit. That should pep you up! X
  8. demmeister

    demmeister Well-Known Member

    That's true. I guess I was just trying to stick to water but coke zero might be worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    To be honest you'd probably be fine with some milk, Slim & save has a daily allowance for milk for people on the equivalent of TS :)

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