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Blackberry apps?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Ghostie, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Has anyone come across a slimming world app on the blackberry, i cant find any. i just want a food diary to keep on my phone. :) thanks.
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  3. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    I was looking for the same thing but never found one for the Blackberry. I just use the MemoPad application on the phone to record my free foods, healthy extras and syns each day. It's not as glamorous as a proper app but it does the trick. If you do find a good app though please let me know, it would be nicer than the MemoPad.
  4. sookie

    sookie Silver Member

    I use an app called my value diary. From what I can work out its for WW but I've set the daily allowance myself and seems to be working fine. Takes a bit of time as only downloaded it on Saturday so I have to input everything, but once on there, on there it stays.
  5. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Thanks guys, ive started up a food diary and exercise diary on my memo pad of my blackberry :D
  6. CntrlC

    CntrlC Full Member

    When I had a Blackberry I created a simple spreadsheet and edited using "Docs2Go" (should be pre-loaded on your device), one line per date and one column per meal and an extra one for snacks to capture syns etc.
  7. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    Rather than search for the app. Put into Google from your phone. Slimming world. It will take you to the Web site.
    Click it. It will ask you if you want to view the mobile site. Click yes then put a short cut on your phone's home page
    This site is so much better than the app and you can put your food diary on there too
  8. Amanda the Leaf

    Amanda the Leaf Full Member

    I have an Android device and found the app was very buggy so in the end I just used the mobile website which is a million times better.

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