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Bleugh! Full fat milk!


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Hey :)

We've run out of skimmed milk and only have full fat left (my 2 littlies still drink full fat one) My OH made me a cup of tea and I've not been able to drink it! It tastes so wrong now compared to the skimmed I now use.

So funny how our tastes change, just a few months ago I was drinking that all the time! Really milky coffees (few a day) cups of tea.. now it tastes like I've got double cream in it! Lol

Shame I can't have the same reaction to butter on toast and other yummy things ;)

Have you had any reactions to food/drink since being on SW?
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I don't use spread on my bread or toast anymore, I've started using Quark instead (just a thin layer) and now even low fat spread taste's too fatty and 'gloopy'....

Quark is so versatile it will adapt to both sweet and savoury sandwiches/toast.....and so much cheaper that Flora light too.
I got used to skimmed many years ago when my dear old dad was told he had a heart problem and mum put him on a "diet". I buy semi skimmed for OH and kids but my 11yr old will drink my skimmed from the carton.
years ago when my mum was doing SW she stopped having marg on bread (i.e. sandwiches and toast etc) so I followed suit (cos I'm lazy more than anything and it's one less thing to do!) but now whenever I have a shop bought sandwich, all I can taste is the greasy marg they put on it... BLURGH!!



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I too can't drink full fat milk anymore. (used to drink it all the time when i was younger but we stopped buying it about 7 years ago).

I also don't put spread on my toast as i tend to have ketchup instead if im having a bacon sandwhich or something.

But i DO still love butter mmm... tho i have been very good not to use it whilst on plan.

I remember when i first started SW back in January. My first week i lost 4lb and thought it was excellent etc. So i went to the chippy with Mum as a treat as i hardly used any syns and had sausage chips and curry sauce. Well that evening my stomach was in turmoil! Jesus so much pain. My stomach just cant handle greasy stuff in big amounts like that anymore! xx :D
As i've said before, i used to be a binge eater, with my favorite trick being to scoff a whole stuffed crust meat feast pizza with chicken dippers and breaded mushrooms, then not eating for 2-3 days. Even been known to drive 46 miles to get one when i was staying with someone living in the middle of nowhere. However OH suggested one as a treat the other day and the thought of it nearly made me throw up. All that grease and calories. YUK.

Milk i've always had Semi, can't stand skimmed and think the trade off of taste to HE amount is greatly worth it. Do have splenda now instead of sugar. trying to cut down to 1 instead of 2.


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When OH was diagnosed with high cholesterol we moved onto skimmed milk (UHT) TBH I really didn't notice much of a difference. I don't have cereal with milk ,I use LF fromage frais. Now we were running out this weekend and he got semi-skimmed. It tastes sweet! Nice! but sweet!
Full fat milk is the food of the devil for me.... Argh!!!! it actuallt tastes horrible along with butter. I haved not had either for approx 22 weeks.

Phil x

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