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Blood Pressure Advice


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Ok, So I went to the doctors for a routine blood pressure check because I'm on the pill and it's very high.

I have a bmi of 31 but do not drink, smoke or eat all that bad (since my hypnosis anyway!)

I have been extremely stressed lately and when I go to the docs I get very very stressed to the point of my heart pounding in my chest- could this be the reason for the high reading?

At 21 I am gutted if I have high blood pressure (although even the prospect of it has encouraged me to start excercising so it's not all bad)

Was just wondering if high readings can be temprarily caused by being very stressed and what other people's experiences are of high blood pressure.


Stace xx
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Mrs B

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High Stacie, if you google "white coat syndrome" you'll see lots of people's blood pressure goes up just by visiting the dr. Mine does and I've had the 24 hour thing which showed my BP was ok outwith the surgery. Stress will definitely raise BP too. Hopefully your GP will keep an eye on it.

The 24 hour test means wearing a cuff for 24 hours and your BP is taken at intervals and recorded on a machine then analysed later. Might be worth asking for that.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Sharon, That's really helpful. I was getting so worried I ordered myself a monitor to check at home!

I am hoping it is just the stress thing!

Stace x

Mrs B

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S: 24st1.7lb C: 23st1.1lb BMI: 53.8 Loss: 1st0.6lb(4.32%)
Please don't think I'm lecturing but, please, look after yourself. Stress can have a terrible effect on your life and health.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I know, I am usually a very calm person but over the last month have had some major problems and at the moment feel extremely stressed out. Thanks again for your help. :)


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I've had the same problem with my blood pressure, to the point that I could hear it whooshing in my ears and it gave me really bad headaches. They never did get to the bottom of it, but at the time I was very stressed and it was before I lost weight. I wouldn't be at all surprised if stress wasn't at least contributing to it and it's very easy to say, de stress your life, but much much harder to do. I used to get out the foot spa and pamper myself for a while, that did help.
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hi, i had the same problem, it was allways high at the docs, and i could also hear my blood rushing in my head etc..

i keep an eye on mine every day now, with my own monitor same one the nurses use.. its come right down since losing weight and giving up caffiene and using breathing exercises... used to be 190/110 now its no higher than 130/90

this past week though its been quite low 112/60.. but doc says its healthy not to worry.. so i am not..

do it the same time each day and keep a record of it.


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The blood pressure coming down is great- what kind of blood presure monitor do you have and where did you get it?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks for all the advice guys, I am extremely stressed out at the moment, to the point of feeling anxious and a bit shaky, and I know I need to destress but like you say it's difficult to do.

I have written a list of what's bothering me and am working on sorting each one out bit by bit, hopefully I will be fine again soon.

I have ordered the Lloyds pharmacy monitor as it's a fully automatic one and only £9.99. (+3.99 P+P if you order online) I suppose it won't be quite as accurate as the nurses one, but it will give me an idea.

Thanks Again you lot xxx

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