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Blood types and healthy lifestyles - eating and exercis


Fighting the bulge


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for the info!! That's actually good news on the eating part as i prefer meat to carbs!!

I think it is true about the stress levels - but it is generic not blood type specific ie everyone gets stressed out and deep breathing and yoga will probably help!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
I looked at the link, ready to be Mrs Sceptical. OMG the personality thing re stress etc could have been written about me! I do meditation already and enjoyed Tai Chi, (must get back to it!) Trouble is I like my meat! Tho I do have quite a few meatfree meals during the week.


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I'm keeping my Mrs Sceptical head on. It looks like complete tosh to me!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Im B- and looked at the B blood group and it said I should avoid chicken?!!!!! However everything else was very true!


Fighting the bulge
It is a bit random isnt it!! I saw it advertised on here above the threads and thought id do a bit of research, i think the food thing to avoid foods is a bit much.

I think they can tell about your stress levels from your blood, but certainly not your personality


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