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Bloody adverts and crumpets

I have had a really horrid week over the past week... It started with a cold last week that turned into Laryngitis (sorry not sure of spelling) and a ear infection!!
I have tried not to eat this week and stick to SS but had one day as SS+ as it was my birthday.

Because I have been feeling low, I have not done any exercise and have resulted in taking cough Syrup to help my lack of voice and constant coughing... My CDC sounded angry on text as she said I should never take that - I have my appointment tonight and dont think I have lost anything :cry:

To make matters a lot harder, while I was off last week, the amount of food adverts on TV is nasty! It was torture - and then... I started to dream about hot buttered crumpets!!!!

I think I am going mad and now worried about tonight...
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Well your CDC doesn't sound very sympathetic. When I was ill mine told me to take whatever I needed to make myself feel better whether it affected the diet & ketosis or not. Obviously some medications are better than others on this diet, sugary syrups are probably not the best but I took sudafed medicine and throat sweets to no adverse effects and still lost about 3 lbs. If all you've done is had one SS+ meal and a bit of cough medicine it shouldn't do too much damage to your weight loss, I'm sure you'll still lose and if not, you'll catch up next week. Hope you feel better soon. xx
Hey chic. Don't worry about not losing. You know why plus like someone has said you may not have done much "damage" diet wise. As for the food adverts on tv, lol, I funnily enough have no problem with that. I watch so many cooking shows anyway.


Stubborn tortoise
Just getting over flu myself & I'd have taken anything to make myself feel better I was so ill and so low... your CDC is not being very understanding! You've been ill and you need help to get back on your feet - don't let anyone make you feel bad about that. Medicine is not a luxury!!!! So you may not lose as much as usual, but once you are fighting fit again you'll catch up. Chin up - and anyone who tells you not to take medicine when you're ill just because you're dieting is plainly nuts.
Some things are more important. CD is still here for you... when you're well again... and you kept it ticking over really well, so you should be proud.


Stubborn tortoise
Just wanted to add, you could see the buttered crumpet dreams as a bonus, like dreaming of Johnny Depp? Perfect... all the pleasure, none of the calories! Win-win situation! Sweet dreams....
I dreamt the other night that i made a banana and custard pie and ended up eating it all! it was so realistic i woke up thinking ruined my diet!

In 2 hours of tv the other night there was only 3 adverts without food in them!! it annoys me so much since OH is still eating nice food and i've got to watch people do it on telly too!
Feel better soon

sometimes text (and on here lol) read different than people would say, I hope thats the case!

Hope it goes well tonight, but remember you can;t help being poorly
Hello all and thank you for the chin ups :) I went to my WI yesterday night and I have maintained which I think is good as I have not been well and literally sat on my backside the whole time! Funny enough, I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 2lbs!!!! blooming typical! still, a head start for next week :)
My CDC said I should move up to 810 as I have been ill but I dont really want to as I am feeling much better - it is just my voice that isnt working!! grrrr...


Stubborn tortoise
You and me both, honey! We can post on here until we get our voices back!!!! Well done on the sts/loss. Yay!!!!
Thanks hun xx
I hate my voice - I sound a cross between school boys' broken voice, a dirty old man phone call and a nanny goat! ha ha ha ha
Funny thing is - I am back at work but dont want to be talking on the phone!


Stubborn tortoise
Luckily I'm working at home this week, but next week am away all week and using voice every day - arghhh!!! So a few days quiet will be good. Like you, I just hope the phone doesn't ring!!!

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