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Bloody dilemma.

As some of you know me and hubby are trying for a third baby and no luck as of yet and am into my 7th month now :banghead:

Our doctor phoned him at work this morning advising him to do slimming world as he needs to lose a good 3 stone incase we need IVF - were having tests done next week to make sure everythings ok. And then of course hubby rings me up telling me he has to do it as hes desperate for another baby - he even started to cry on the phone :cry::cry: not nice hearing your husband cry - hes only cryed once in the nearly 6 years we have been together.

Hes basically asked me to do it with him as hes going to go to classes!!?? i was shocked - i told him i was happy on weight watchers amd he said he cant do this without me.

What would you do?
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Is in the Zone

Sorry to hear your DH was so upset ... being a man he'll lose the 3st in no time!!

Does he have anything against WW? Can he not join you with that instead? Maybe get him to read some of the posts on here to see how great we all think WW is?

Otherwise - maybe you could still kinda follow the SW diet but point things too?

Hes been advised to do slimming world cos he is a greedy git and ownt be able to stay in points - his diet does consist funnily of slimming world free foods - plus all the choc and coke he drinks.

I dont know tbh, maybe its the diet the doc just recommends. My doctors about 8 years ago recommended it to me as well.


Resident geek
Would your dr be able to give you a pass? if hes reccomended it.. you could get it free.. and then it would save you money to put together for cute little baby grows and booties.. but ultimately.. you have to do what you think is the best doll..
x x x x


Is in the Zone

Might be worth figuring out how many points he can have ...and doing a menu plan for him following WW ... maybe showing him he can still have some of his choc and coke AND the other stuff will help?
Hes just rung me - hes found a bloody class and were off tonight apperently! Nice to know at 25 i have not got a say anymore. Well i am going - but il point stuff durng the day and have a dinner with him so he dont know.



Resident geek
They usually always reccomend SW cos its so close with like .. i dont know how to explain it.. like you can get SW on script.. kind of thing.. whereas you can't on WW.. and SW is very close to drs/midwifes and has many reccomendations from the medical side of things.. but tbh.. it doesnt make SW any better or any worse than WW.. i think its just cos thats probably the diet he reccomends.. so if your hubby wanted.. could he do WW with you?
x x


Hiya Chucks!!
Oh,well i think we can all relate to that,but nothing is banned with WW so he could still have chocci etc...

You said he was very upset earlier well TBH, he feels that strongly about wanting another baby he WILL lose the weight he defo seems to have the right mind set and the determination to do it..:)

P.S-he would get loads of points too..:D
Good luck xx


Needs a kick
Good luck Sarah, Maybe just going to the class with him is all he'll need and you can stick to WW. xx
I think you can get SW on somekind of scheme through the docts where you get so many weeks free, my doctors do it for SW and WW (up until about 2 months ago they only offered SW - one of my doctors prefers SW and recommends it to anyone who needs to lose weight, the other doctor is a huge Gillian McKeith fan and recommends that to all overweight people!!!), so maybe thats why SW was recommended, it is good for those of us with huge appetites, I think its brilliant that he's embracing it so wholeheartedly. Why don't you go along and see how you feel about it, maybe get on the scheme yourself through your doc, you can always stick to WW but get weighed in at SW, you'll still be supporting hubby.
As a guy who has done both here is my 2p worth.

I found that weightloss was much quicker with SW than with WW. I would lost 7lbs every 2 weeks consistently for the 3 months I done it.

I do however find WW easier to control as a diet. I have said this a couple of times before that you pretty much have to decide if its a green or red day and stick with it for the day. I found this difficult if I was out and about and had to grab lunch on the run.

I am sure whatever he decides, he will lose the weight quickly.

Good luck
Thanks manny - il show him all the posts later. I am no matter what going to support him - i am his wife after all, for better and worse right?

Il tell him about the scheme as well.


Loves Norman Reedus
to be honest i was thinking about given SW a chance. might be worth asking my gp if he would give me a pass for a free trial hmmm.
You should work out his poiints allowance Saraian and see how many points hed be on hed probably have loads.

The thing that puts me off SW is I dont think Id learn any kind of portion control. I dont like the 'eat all you want' idea.

Could you do WW and he could do SW although you go to SW classes together for weigh ins? Surely the fact youre both dieting and youre helping him and supporting him is the important thing *HUGS*
Yes sounds like a good ideas Sandy - i do try and make his meals at home healthyish and following a diet as closely as - i think he just wants to o with the doctors suggestion - becuase its the doctor said!How on earth do i live with him i dont know.
i would go over and see if you like it, and if not come back to WW - you can still go out together and walk your dogs and exercise together which will help each other, even if you are on different diets. x

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