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Bloody marvellous!

Just had to share (in haste as its sooo late) that I tried on a 14 skirt & it fitted!! In addition lost 5 ibs & 1st development group was ok! Didnt see everyone rom prev group but hadnt expected to to be honest and it was quite nice to get to know people at different stages. Also met someone who has the same philosphy as me which was lovely! I thought if you all as I danced round the M&S changing room (& had to ask woman to get me a smaller size as 16 too big!!)...wished you'd have been there to share it with but felt you all in spirit IYKWIM! Lovely to be able to share the good as well as the bad & ugly!
Also in saying that to thank people who have supported me to this point on here (& I hope will continue to!). I really couldnt have done it without you so a heartfelt thank you for each and every moment taken to respond, post, kick up the bum & encouragement! :party0011::party0011::party0011:
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Hopeful for the future
Well done ISOM!!

That's absolutely fabulous and well done. That's definitely the proof of the pudding, I bet you couldn't stop looking at yourself in the mirror. I just dream of a size 14 - and you have achieved it!
Size 12s here she comes - just watch out.
CONGRATULATIONS ........:party0019:


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Just you wait until the 14 is too big for you!
Well done thats fab news, size 14 skirt, development group was ok and lost 5lbs and its only Wednesday, wonder what'll happen the rest of the week;) Roll on the next 100 days. It makes all the hard work worth it when you get the results you truly deserve xx


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Hey well done! I have to say I can never remember going down a dress size only up, so big congrats to you.

Hopefully I will be here in four weeks saying I am now a size 14.
Brillo Pads on the size 14.

He He, the 16 too big, you are really on your way.

I can imagine the said dancing, just pleased security did not try to escourt you off the premises for being too happy.

Take Care



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Well done on being a size 14:clap::clap::clap:

Also your 5lbs. off this week!

Love Mini xxx
Thanks all! Shopped this eve & got a new bra and knickers but trying to just get "tide me over" stuff rather than nice so if its more than £15 I aint avin it! Got 1 pairs knicks, bra, t shirt & skirt for £30 which I thought was good savvy shopping!


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Wow size 14 - brilliant news! Well done, I'd have danced round the changing room too!



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wow u sound so happy...and u ought to be. look forward to ur "im a size 12!" post :D xxxxxxxxxxx
feels so good goin down sizes. every1 sayin i dont need to lose any more but im still 17 stone 10 lbs and thats a lot, then again i do look like i weight about 15 stone and im 6ft! well done though! im happy with my progress ive lost 5 stone and 6 lbs in 8 and a half weeks!! im 3/4s of the man i used to be lmao. feeling sexier than ever!!

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