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Bloomin central heating!!!


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Went to turn on the central heating last night as it was bloomin freeeeeezing *brrr*, only to find that it's not working!!! It was fine when we last used it in may, and it was serviced in july! :mad:

So anyway, we've been sitting here freezing our socks off, and poor DS - i'm making him wear mittens indoors :rotflmao: - he keeps trying to pick up things and wondering why on earth he can't get a proper grip on things :rotflmao:

This afternoon i had a brainwave though! I informed the OH that we were going to light up the log/coal burner we've got in the living room (cue; not impressed OH :rolleyes:). Haven't used it for months as it just throws out SO much heat - you really can't control the temp - it's either freeeeeezing, or like a sauna :rolleyes:

But anyway, needs must, and it's sooooo nice to have some warmth, even if it IS just in the living room!

Anyway, so as not to go toooo much off topic, SW-wise, i'm doing a jacket spud for dinner in the fire grate (wrapped in tin foil ;) ) - really looking forward to that!

And how saintly do i feel?? I was feeling really down earlier (no particular reason, just one of those things), and thought "oh blow it - i want something really stodgy and sweet to eat - i'll get back on SW tomorrow".

So i looked up the syns for bonbons, and when i saw how many they were i had 2 alpen light bars (HEb) instead!! :D :D :D
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monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
im sat in front of a coal burning fire, only problem is keep getting up to put more wood on....but at least i suppose its body magic lol

keep warm sugar, but remember your body burns more fat the colder your are LOL and of course there are other ways to keep warm and exercise at the same time *wink wink*


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol :D thanks guys!

i'm sitting here absolutely sweltering now!!! decided to just let the fire burn out now, after putting a few more logs on about an hour ago. even the poor dog's abandoned the living room for the cool kitchen floor :rotflmao:

and apparently the central heating blokeys only work mon-fri so no word til monday now!!!

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