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Blossom Hill Rose! 10 Syns???


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Hi all, think it might have been me who posted about Blossom Hill, but I got it from another Forum site "thingy" (I am SO not good at the right terminology!) . I just googled "Blossom Hill Rose 10 syns", & up it came. It was a post from Northern Ireland though, so don't know if things are different there . If I've misled you all, very sorry....x


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Rose wine is 6 syns for a 175ml glass. You get four of them to a bottle so that would be 24 syns for the bottle.

Low alcohol wine comes in a 2 syns for a 175ml glass. Not being a wine drinker I'm not sure what % constitutes low alcohol but M&S recently launched a lower alcohol range including rose which is 9.5%.

Blossom Hill isn't listed online so it might be best to phone the syn line to find out for sure.


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Well 24 syns is better than 30, if you wanted a bottle.


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if anyone finds out the answer I would love to know! Even what counts as low alcohol wine? coz 2 syns a glass would be great!



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I wonder if that post you saw was referring to the little bottles you can buy - the ones that hold just a couple of glasses?

I s'pose they might be around 10 syns a pop.

But I honestly don't think you're going to find any wine - low alcohol or not - that's gonna be really low in syns. When it comes to alcohol, syns are measured by the calorie count. For things like sweets and alcohol, you can usually gauge syns by how many calories are in them. 1 syn = 20 calories.

The low alcohol wines will probably still have almost as many calories per glass as the real thing, so therefore almost as many syns. Unfortunately. :(

Your best bets alcohol wise are spirits with diet mixers.


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would anyone be able to check the syns of light lambrini pretty plz!?



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That would put light lambrini at 12.5 syns a bottle.
I have a bottle of blossom hill here and it has a nutrition count I have just calculated it at 26 syns for the bottle. I am too scared to open mine lol.
Is the Lambrini nice though? :confused:

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