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Blow out meal???


WILL be Slim!
I know this is a bit of a silly question...but my mate introduced me to CD, and she is always dreaming of her blow out meal....ie, the meal she has to celebrate losing all the weight etc...so her's is nacho's and all the crap that comes with it!
However, i think its wrong to have that as your goal...when you have worked so hard to get all the weight off...why slip straight into bad habits again...
I really want to say something to her but dont want to offend...

Any suggestions??
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A girl can dream.....:D

Only joking. I know if i had a taste like that of something i really enjoyed eating that it may be enough to send my cravings off. Its a slippery slope!


Trying very hard!
I can understand where she's coming from, butalso see what you mean.

I love fish and chips but I know that I will have them again one day, just not every week like I used to!

I see what you mean, theres no point in going through all this to eat like we used to but theres not much point in going through life not enjoying it and having the things we like.

The secret is to enjoy ourselves being slim and eating again. Its just changing the way we eat long time which means 98% good food choices and 2% cheats and not the other way round like I used to eat!!!
I used to think that way........but I do think now that when the time comes, I won't WANT to have a blow out meal. Even now, when I've only been doing CD for 8 weeks, I am not craving 'bad' foods, so when I get to target.......well!!!!!! There'l be more things to celebrate with than 'naughty' foods......like sexy dresses, evenings out, holidays......etc etc lol xx
I do think about foods id love to eat once im slim but I will only have them for a treat maybe once a week or every fortnight we carnt not eat "bad" foods forever just everything in moderation with exercise once we get to goal :D


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Im so with you here!!! I feel exactly the same as you..
My brother did a post about a month ago saying what would be your first meal after maintaining ect..and it was interesting to see what people said.

I put a salad and prawns I personally would not got wild..
but I have decided that I wont be strict as in never have a treat my parents are both so strict with themselves.. dont eat bread, pasta.. and even if they were to have a treat it would be like once every 3 months..

I would have a takeaway or go for a meal once a week but try and chose the healthy option rather than pigging out otherwise you will be back to your bad old habbits..

I dream about enjoying my treat meal when I finish. It helps to get me through tough situations like when I go past regular haunts, or get invited to restaurants with work colleagues, I think about how I'll eat there when I'm at goal...whether I actually do or not will remain to be seen, but I still think about it :eek:

I say let it go, your friend may not even have the "blowout" and the idea of having it when she's at goal is probably stopping her from walking in there now


can see the end in sight!
I will be treating myself occasionally (fajitas yuuuum) but will work it into my calorie allowance. Life is for living after all! I'm looking forward to eating out choosing healthy options (I love healthy food anyway) without worrying that everyone will be thinking "look at that massive whale chowing down!!" haha.


Vegetable curry - and noodles.

Nothing exciting.

I would say though, that making food a reward is one of the main reason I stuggled so long with my weight. Theres more to life than food.

Food is fuel and not a treat. I'm not saying it can't be nice fuel, but its still fuel
That hit home with me Lexie about using food as a reward. I've not once thought of having a treat meal when I get to the end because I've been rewarding myself with other things so far.
A blow out on loads of new clothes will probably be my ultimate goal...in Orlando, at Disney lol


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That's a tricky one. Maybe you could say that you thought about your blow out meal but decided that you would rather buy some clothes or go on holiday, spa day. Or you could suggest pairing the nice meal with a sporty activity during the day, something to work up an appetite and use up some calories?


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I would leave her to it, just because if thats how she feels at the moment i dont think anything that you could say would change her thinking, I want a KFC when i reach my goal, but there is no way on earth, that 1 KFC will make me overeat again a treat is just what it says it is a one off, im not having this journey, never to have a treat again. Im sure your friend knows that it really is just treat and if she was meant to stay at goal, she will reagrdless of here goal treat,

Sorry i went on a bit there, but i wouldnt worry, when she hits goal, she may decide that she doesnt want it anyway.
i think we need to forget about blow out meals, and try to think of better alternatives as we will always be maintaining for the rest of our lives once at target, so if nachos are your thing you need to learn how to make a fresh tomato salsa yourself with no sugar, and the same for a guacamole with fresh avocado, use low fat cheese and low fat sour cream (or 0% total :) and lower salt tortilla chips AND limit yourself!
I dream about the smaller sized clothes I could get into again.

I bought, just before I started to put the weight back on a burnt orange bra and thong from Bravissimo and I love it when I had sun tanned skin - that's what I think about - not the food!


can see the end in sight!
true ugnboo, i have just brought a size 16 racer back vest from river island...haven't been a size 16 ever that i can remember!! little milestones are so worth it.

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