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Blue Bunny on a mission

Hi there, I joined Minimins back in June and started slimming world with a view to losing 7lbs before my holiday in Tunisia on August 10th. I have a lot more than 7lbs to lose to be anywhere near target, but I decided that was an achievable mini target. I managed to be 6.5lbs lighter the night before I flew out :) and was really pleased with that as I have had up and down weeks all the way. I got back to not so sunny England on Wednesday and couldn't get weighed til Thursday night and OMG I'd managed to gain a whopping 8.5lbs in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely thats some kind of world record???? Anyway I suffer with fluid retention (for which I have been prescribed Fuorosemide) so I'm not under the suicidal illusion that that's 8.5lbs of lard I'm carrying but I was still super-shocked. Consequently I couldn't wait to get right back into my diet and I've been a good girl since Thursday. I was keeping a written diary before I went which really did help me, but now I've decided to keep an online one too. I'd appreciate any comments/advice/new friends along the way :) I normally stick to red/green days as I never seem to have very good results with extra easy. And I weigh in on Wednesday evenings so here's hoping I can get out of the minus total weightloss by next week!
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Hi Blue Bunny! Dont worry about the holiday gain your back on it now and thats the main thing, good luck on your journey we will all be here to help in anyway we can!! Emma x
Thanx Emma! I know I'll lose it again I've never been so determined in my life :) You're doing fantastically well yourself..well done on your weightloss so far! Tammy x
Hey blue bunny! Nice to see you've started your food diary on here :) don't worry too much about the holiday gain, you'll prob have a big loss at your next WI. And that's what holidays are all about.. Indulgence! X
Hi Chickadee :) I'm not worried at all, had a sneaky peek on the scales yesterday and it's coming off already thank goodness! That doesn't mean I'm gonna ease up on myself though.....today its a red day

Breakfast: 2x weetabix with hot water and milk, 2 x cups tea (Hex B and Hex A for milk, I usually use both my Hex A's on milk for drinks throughout the day or maybe milk and cheese)
Lunch: wholemeal sandwich (2nd Hex B) with lots of ham and tomatoes, 3 plums, a nectarine and a coconut muller yogurt (first time I've tried that flavour, yummy)
Snack: snickers bar, 15 syns, banana
Dinner will be: chicken, runner beans, sprouts and roast carrots
Drinks: tea, coffee or sugar free squash

If I have anything else it will be fruit and/or yogurt.

We got 2 kittens on Thursday, it's so funny watching my barmy chocolate labrador trying to fathom them out :)
Good news about the scales :) your food for the day looks good - I'm having red too :)

Aw you have a full house then!! I've always been more of a dog person, but kittens are cute! I would love a lab but we live in a flat with no garden and aren't at home much so don't think we could make the commitment. What did you call the kittens?
Yes it is a full house! We already have a 7 yr old cat called Poppy, our dog Lola, 2 fish and now the kittens :) Names are undecided as yet, but Spoink and Sherman are looking likely x
Aww bless the lab! My German shepherd was like that when we bought our kitten home now though she rules the roost!
Lol Shenzi! I think cats always rule over dogs. At the moment one of the kittens is quite inquisitive of the dog's tail, while the other one arches his little back and does a mini hiss whenever Lola comes too close...it's just a matter of time I think :)
My cat hitches a ride on the dogs tail lol x
I can't see that happening here Shenzi, although anything goes in this madhouse at the moment! Apologies in advance but why do dogs find cat poo so irristible to eat? I have to race to the litter tray to get rid of it before the dog gets there....gross!
Today is an extra easy day which I don't have very often.
Breakfast: 2 x weetabix with hot water ,milk and sliced banana (hex a + b)
Lunch: chicken omelette, couscous, tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot
Snack: snickers (15 syns) banana, plums, activia yogurt
Dinner will be: pasta with a sauce made from lean minced pork, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and maybe some peppers.
Eww my dog did that and then came in for kisses disgusting! X
I was stuffed but also still had room for a shape rhubarb crumble yogurt yum yum! X
Work today, and what a boring day it's been!! I'm an optical receptionist and for most of the week I run the shop alone, but as the optician is on holiday it's been really quiet. Felt really bloated all day today, didn't dare risk another sneaky peek on the scales as it's official weigh in tomorrow night! I wonder if I feel bloated because of the extra easy day yesterday? Green day today.

Breakfast: magic porridge (hex b)
Lunch and snacks at work: cous cous, cherry tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs
banana, nectarine, plums, muller light
Snack at home: curly wurly (6 syns) banana
Milk in drinks throughout day ( hex a)
Dinner will be: jacket potato with beans and chesse (hex a) and maybe a bit of chicken for my 2nd hex b.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh in, I know I've lost some of that 8.5lbs gain but I'm still not looking forward to it.......

Complete change of plan for dinner...the potatoes weren't worthy enough to be jackets so I had pasta, cheese, and a tiny bit of sauce left from yesterday for my hex b :) and then an activia yogurt xx
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Good luck for WI tomorrow! Do you go to a class or WI from home?? Fingers crossed for you :)
Ok so 3lbs off for me :) I'm pleased with that but I still have 5.5lbs to lose to get me back to where I was before I went on holiday! But I know I'll do it, however long it takes.
Breakfast today was: 2 x weetabix with a chopped banana and activia pouring yogurt (hex b and probably a couple of syns for the yogurt, not sure but it's WI day so not that important)
Lunch and snacks at work: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber, cottage cheese, nectarine, pear, muller light.
Milk in drinks = hex a

Dinner (after weigh in) 2 x mini fish and chips with curry sauce. Only a small portion of chips, and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
I usually have a treat on a Wednesday after class and I did have about 40 syns to spare so I can't see too much damage coming from from it.
Well done on the 3lbs loss that's brilliant keep up the good work! X

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