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Blue Cheese

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
You can use 28g of stilton as a HEb on Green or EE - plus others - they are in the book ( I don't know what other cheese constitutes 'blue' as I don't eat it!)

C xx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
No, there's no blue cheeses as HEa's. Wonder why?!
Has anyone tried the new Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese squares? I got mine in Tesco's. I LOVE blue cheese and these have the exact same syn value (the calories / carbs / fats info per square as well) as the light triangles.

I am assuming because all the above are the same, then they could be used as HE the same as the light triangles ( 5). I have given the info to my SW leader and she is going to find out for me.

Incidentally, they also do a cheese'n'onion flavour one too, but I haven't tried them yet.

Must say, the blue cheese one makes a lovely pour over sauce for cauliflower!
I got given samples of the blue cheese laughing cows at the masterchef show,and some goats cheese ones too! They are very nice :) I put the details into the calculator and it said they were one syn each,I was wondering too if you could have them as a HE as I have loads of them to use!
I phoned sw syns helpline laughing cow delilights are 1.5 syns per square ,both flavours or 5 as a HE A on red or B ON B green.Hope this helps.They are definately worth trying.
Ooh Wendy, your a life saver!

Have been using these as a HE over the past few days as our meeting doesn't resume until next week so haven't had any feedback from my SW leader.

I love them!

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