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Blue Cheese

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by citaborca, 3 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. citaborca

    citaborca New Member

    I've looked up the syn value for blue cheese and for the variety I'm using, it's 5, but can anybody tell me if you can use it as a Healthy Extra, or reduce the syns using it as an HE?
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  3. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    You can use 28g of stilton as a HEb on Green or EE - plus others - they are in the book ( I don't know what other cheese constitutes 'blue' as I don't eat it!)

    C xx
  4. citaborca

    citaborca New Member

    Thanks fallen Angel. I had just assumed it would be an HEa so hadn't looked at the Bs thanks again.
  5. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    No, there's no blue cheeses as HEa's. Wonder why?!
  6. Lizabeth

    Lizabeth Full Member

    Has anyone tried the new Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese squares? I got mine in Tesco's. I LOVE blue cheese and these have the exact same syn value (the calories / carbs / fats info per square as well) as the light triangles.

    I am assuming because all the above are the same, then they could be used as HE the same as the light triangles ( 5). I have given the info to my SW leader and she is going to find out for me.

    Incidentally, they also do a cheese'n'onion flavour one too, but I haven't tried them yet.

    Must say, the blue cheese one makes a lovely pour over sauce for cauliflower!
  7. Sophi

    Sophi Member

    I got given samples of the blue cheese laughing cows at the masterchef show,and some goats cheese ones too! They are very nice :) I put the details into the calculator and it said they were one syn each,I was wondering too if you could have them as a HE as I have loads of them to use!
  8. wendy in wales

    wendy in wales Full Member

    I phoned sw syns helpline laughing cow delilights are 1.5 syns per square ,both flavours or 5 as a HE A on red or B ON B green.Hope this helps.They are definately worth trying.
  9. Lizabeth

    Lizabeth Full Member

    Ooh Wendy, your a life saver!

    Have been using these as a HE over the past few days as our meeting doesn't resume until next week so haven't had any feedback from my SW leader.

    I love them!
  10. wendy in wales

    wendy in wales Full Member

    you are welcome .I only have one complaint about them - thet are very morish!!!!

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