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BMI 20? advice please?


determined to be thin!
hi everyone,

I am mixed race (my mum is Thai) and therefore and v.small boned. I would like to get back down to a BMI of 20 as that is where Iam happiest (size 8/10). I have been that size all throughout my 20s so I know it is a healthy weight for me.

What I would like to know is whether anyone has/or is using CD to get down to a low-end BMI, and what losses I can expect doing the 890 plan (when I reach BMI 25).

Does the 'one stone per one month' CD mantra still apply if you are aiming for a low BMI?

Does anyone SS right to target? Even using it after they reach BMI 25?

Appreciate your help, thanks xx
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well im not sure if you can ss right down to target... for example my bmi will be 25 at 9,10.
my ultimate goal is 9,1 and i read that you cant ss beyond a bmi of 25.
i hope someone will correct me if im wrong as id love to ss right down to 9,1 and get there faster lol!
good luck x
I dont know what losses are like on other plans as I am pretty new to this myself, but I know that you cant SS below BMI 25 because your body wont necessarily break down fat for energy under BMI 25 as at that stage fat reserves are not abundant. It would be just as likely to break down muscle which is very dangerous and is doesnt discriminate with what muscles (eg heart is also a muscle) Its very hard to replace muscle once it is broken down....
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scary thought aint it? i am going to ss till i reach 12 stone then defo start moving up the plans on a fortnightly basis ....


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Thanks for the thread! I've learnt something today too, I was planning on getting down to 9 stone (I feel comfortable at that weight) on SS (a low BMI) I too will now have to move up the plans to get to goal??!!

I just presumed I could SS all the way?!
I think lighterlife lets you SS all the way to goal then do a reintroduction of food by food groups (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). I've been told by my CD there is normally only a difference of 2-3lbs per month by going up to 790 (not sure if this is still comparable with 810, but would think it probably is).
Don't run before you walk. Most people are happy at BMI 25 so see how you feel when you hit it x


determined to be thin!
hi, bunnycd, I have been BMI 25 and look really overweight.
I am a large size 14 at that weight and because I am so small boned ( for example I horse-ride alot and last time I bought a new crash helmet it was a childs size -no VAT! ) it is mostly fat.

I have been BMI 20 most of my adult life (apart from the last 2 yrs, I am 32) and am completely happy at that size.
I have had personal trainers, and none of them had a problem with my weight being so low, as my fat content/ % was in the correct range.


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Being Asian, your ideal BMI is 18 to 23 as opposed to the usual 20 to 25 people talk about here, so you should be able to SS to 23 and then move up the plans. Being Asian's also the reason we can start on SS even when our BMI is nearing 25 (as w are still the requirement over the max healthy BMI for us)


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This is really interesting thread as I'm bmi 25 now and like bunny says, see what you look like, I look horrid at the moment as my face needs to fill out, my ribs stick through my back and my chest is all bony, I look too thin, never thought I'd say that. I'm on 790 now and hopefully will get a bit more flesh on my face over the re introduction time. I'm currently bang on 11 stone which to some is heavy, they're shocked when I tell them how much I weigh, they say I look somewhere between eight and nine stone!!! I must have heavy bones and think should I try for a low end bmi I'd look awful, it's trial and error, I've never been thin so didn't know how I'd look, see how you go people just like bunny says, I am five foot six, and weigh eleven stone and am a 36, 26, 36 so we are all very different xx
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
i am still very porky too at bmi 25... think ive got a small frame under mounds of fat!

i will also need to be a low bmi to even look slim'ish. oh well...

oh and just like sassy my head is tiny... my aged 9 bro has had a bigger head than me for the past few years lol... tiny wrists and ankles. my poor body being swamped in all this ugliness...yuk!


determined to be thin!
hee hee, CD08 you sound just like me!
I am so jealous of you Dutch, I am also 5"6', I would love to be size 10 at 11 stone, alas I have to be 9 st or under to fit a high-street size 10. Lucky You! And well done for getting to goal, at least as you start eating normally you have a little lee-way weight wise.

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