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Body Contour Wraps?

I tried them before my wedding. Very messy and didnt seem to make much diff to me, but I couldve been doing wrong, all I know is you dissolve the mud/clay in boilig water and then put bandages in it and try and put it on! I ended up burning my hands, getting mud on the floor and walking around thinking, more bloomin mess! It does feel nice, but I reckon if I was gonna try it again id have it done by a prof! x
lol wow that painted a very realistic picture for me... thanks xox


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lol wow that painted a very realistic picture for me... thanks xox
My friend has just had one and it really worked for her! She had 3 sessions at the salon...thye gaurentee 6" loss (not with the home one) after the second session you get measured and see where it has gone from...it comes off where you need it most.
The downside is you spend 2 hrs sitting around in and out if stem things etc ...so i think i would get bored..oh, and it cost £120 for 3 sessions!


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Noticed this thread in the refeed section and thought id bring it from the underground into the mainstream....

Has anyone tried these and do you know if it works? Im sure it can only be good at least to firm skin?

Home wraps shop: Universal Contour Wrap | UCW Shop

hi there
they really do work i got them done last month and i lost 21 inches i think bad memory,anyway i havent gained any inches so i would recomend them,they are also such a nice treat
wow thats pretty impressive! so u had 3 sessions in a salon??



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Take it they're different to Bodyform ??

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