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Body Fat


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I'm wondering if anyone can help. The fat on my body is changing, I use to be quite solid, no wibbly wobbly bits for me. However since being on LL my body fat has started to turn wobbly and begining to feel like jelly, is this a normal occurence on LL or is there some other reason.

I am hoping that the scientific boffins that post will be able to point me to a reason why.
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I know I am the same. I don't know why. I never really had flabby arms, they were just big but now they swing in the wind.

Someone please answer our crys!!!
I am the same. My theory on the matter is that before we started losing weight, the fat was denser, more packed in under our skin. Now we are losing weight quite quickly, the fat is being burned and so the remaining fat has more room and therefore feels wibbly wobbly. I haven't researched it at all but that just seems logical to me!



is loving CWP xx
Good thinking Batgirl!!
Think you're right but I'd probably put it slightly the other way round.
I was that fat my skin was about to burst, but as you lose weight/fat, the skin initially stays the same and the fat as you say has more room to wobble about. Same type of fat just not encased as tightly.
Lots of people say this

When I think back, my arms and legs were like sausages. Packed tight with fat, no room to wibble and wobble. now the fat's nearly all gone, there's lots more space on that casing for wibbling and wobbling.
I've said it before - on a windy day like today - all I'd have to do is put my arms up and I'd probably fly away like Mary Poppins. I nearly got blown over in London yesterday.
A year ago I was taught, plumptious and morbidly obese and had a permanent chest infection.
I know which I would rather choose -
wibbly wobbly any day! (and wrinkly bits in my case)!
I used to think I had really toned thighs but turns out they were just so tightly packed with fat the skin was straining like a drum skin!

I went incredibly wobbly just before I got to goal. I do think you lose a lot of muscle mass too so this could be another explanation.

Since I've been eating I've been exercising too. Running has really helped my legs to firm up and I don weight lifting and pilates which has firmed things up everywhere else.

Try not to worry about it. Once you get to goal you can start to work on the fine tuning!

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